3 Day Potty Training Method Not Working

3 Day Potty Training Method Not Working

Three-day potty training is not a process of considerable success. Many parents are not sure when to start potty training. The age to potty train a child varies greatly among children. There are following reasons that can prolong the process of potty training or can cause a failure to three days of potty training. 3 days of potty training is not a success because:

3 days potty training

  • Age of the child matters

Many children go slowly. They cannot learn to use the potty in three days or a week. It takes three to six months to train a child to use potty. There are little chances of success.


  • Starting at a wrong time

You have started training your child too soon the process will last longer. It will take months for your child to learn to use potty.

 Potty training

  • Breaks in between the procedure

You have to stop toilet training while traveling or the time around the birth of a sibling. If your child gets sick you have to stop the procedure at once. Visiting a friend or moving to a new place can bring failure.


  • Arranging all the conditions at one time

Slight carelessness can bring all the efforts to go waste. You have to be strict to establish a routine. You have to understand the body’s natural tendency.


  • Expecting more than enough

potty training

Three-day potty training procedure collapse because parents consider it a simple process and do not pay proper attention to it. They expect that their child will get to it soon. It should be kept in mind that it is not an overnight thing. It may take months or even years


  • Missing one element may disappoint you

During three days of hard trial, if one of the elements or necessary conditions not fulfill, your hard work can go waste. There are more chances of failure than to get through the procedure.

potty training

3 days of potty training procedure does not seem successful. It needs a lot of care and attention. Not all parents are ready for it. It depends on the behavior and psychology of the child, its learning ability and keenness. All a few out of thousands are fast enough to get the process going. One cannot set all the conditions at the same time.

What is potty training?

It is a process or a method to train a child or an infant to use the toilet. It may be based on behaviouralism and cognitive psychology. The techniques involve various strategies and steps. It all depends upon the effectiveness of the guideline provided.

History of potty training

Ancient Romans created children’s toilets. During Middle Ages ground holes were in practice. The 18th century is renowned for the use of cloth diapers for children. It changed to disposable diapers. 

Age for potty training

It begins after birth. The age of 18 months to 2 years is the best time to train a child for potty. A child is completely trained at the age of four. There are exceptions as well.

Risks associated with training

There may be certain risks and dangers such as slips or falling of toilet seats. It may be taken as an abuse. A child may hit himself. 

potty training


In 1938 there was an alarm technology. When the child had got wet the alarm broke out as a signal to conditioning. The production of potties has made a revolution in recent years. Traditional diapers, training pants, cotton underwear are all equipment being used in potty training. 



Potty training does not depend upon age. It is related to the psychology and behavior of the child. It can take long and difficult if you start too early. It varies in different children. Some may adopt it quickly but others may not. So parents should be patient and wait for their children to learn and adopt it. 

3 days of potty training

To start the complex process of potty training, the most important thing is to know about the right time for it. 

  • Time to train your child for potty 

When it comes that your child can walk and sit on a toilet, it is the right time to train him or her for the job done. You should observe that your child can put his or her pants off. Can he remain dry for 2 to 3 hours? If he can communicate well and is keen to use a toilet or asking for underwear. These indications tell that the little one is ready to learn and master the process. 

  • Preparations for the procedure

Make up your mind that you have to give complete three days to your child. You have to leave every other activity. You cannot cook, clean, go shopping or visit any friend. You have to spend all your time with the little one. In this regard, you can prepare three days meal. Do all the shopping ahead of time. Do all the cleaning of the house. Make up your mind to play games watch cartoons and developing strong bonding with your kid.

  •  Things you require

For this, you can use T-shirts. It will cover the private area of your child. It is important. It makes your child realize that he has to make his butt bear use potty. Having pants will slow down the process because you cannot observe the time when he or she makes shit. One thing you need to know is patience. It will work wonders during the process.

  • Asking the toddler to drink more

During this session, you should make your child drink more than usual. It is significant as it creates the feeling that you want in for a child during potty training.

  • Train the child as a trainer

During these three days of hard work. Tell your child to go to potty even he says no. you have to train him as a coach and a guide. You can also create bonuses and incentives. In this whole procedure, you have to stay strong and will have to pass through a lot of trials.

  • Say goodbye to diapers

 If you want to potty a boy then threw away the diapers.

  • Keep him naked

You can use a long T-shirt for this purpose and make him conscious that there is no diaper to hold the poop. So he has to go for potty. 

  • Visit potty again and again

Take your child after every twenty minutes to the potty and ask him or her to sit down.

  • Do not get upset

Failures do happen during missions. Do not get discouraged with accidents during potty training.

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