Best wipes for diaper rash

Best wipes for diaper rash

Here are 5 brands of wipes that help with diaper rash.

  • BabyganicsFace, hand and Baby Wipes

Babyganics is formulated without harmful preservatives and ingredients such as parabens, artificial dyes, phthalates, sulfates or fragrances. The active ingredients are derived from plants. Babyganics is effective for managing diaper rash.

  • WaterWipes – the world's purest baby wipes

WaterWipes contain 99.9% water and with a bit of fruit extract. They are hypoallergenic and do not irritate the skin. Carefully made to soothe the baby's sensitive skin, WaterWipes are created with only water. 

WaterWipes have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance to WaterWipes.

  • Pampers wipes (sensitive)

Pampers wipes are clinically proven to be mild, dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and also free from perfume. Pampers sensitive wipes are suitable for diaper rash and make for a gentle and effective wipe.

Pampers sensitive

  • Cutie Peaeco-friendly bamboo diapers and wipes 

Cutie pea wipes are accepted by dermatologists and are sterile and antibacterial. They have no fragrance or harmful ingredients. Cutie pie wipes are suitable for diaper rash.

  • Amazon Elements wipes 

Free from parabens, dyes, fragrances, and phthalates, Amazon Elements wipes are mild to baby's skin. The wipes contain pharmaceutical-grade purified water which makes up about 98.3% of the liquid in it.


Some wipes are outright unhealthy for the skin and need to be avoided. You can only identify which wipes to avoid or try out, by reading through the container to identify the ingredients. Here are a few ingredients to avoid. You may want to research further.

  • Chemicals that release formaldehyde
  • Formaldehyde is very harmful to the human body. Some wipes may contain ingredients that release this chemical as a preservative, making them unfit for baby's use. You may want to learn about these ingredients.

  • Fragrance
  • Synthetic chemicals such as phthalates may be contained in the fragrance mix used in a brand of wipes. This is also unsafe as they release dangerous toxins into the human system. It's always safer to use wipes that are tagged "fragrance-free" as they may only contain essential oils or fruit distillate water.

  • Parabens
  • When used as preservatives, parabens can mimic estrogen and disrupt hormone function.

  • Triclosan
  • Often used as a preservative, it can also disrupt hormone function or cause allergies.

  • Propylene Glycol
  • Used as a penetration enhancer, it is dangerous for children under the age of 4. 

  • Polysorbate-20
  • This ingredient is known to contain carcinogenic substances. It is usually used in baby products.

    What to look out for when getting your baby's wipes.

    Here are 3 qualities to look out for in a box of wipes. These qualities contribute to its ability to serve efficiently.

    • Hard Container. A good box of wipes comes off easily like a tissue pack. It doesn't pull off wipes in chunks, making you peel off wipes. Wipes also don't dry up in good boxes.
    • Texture. Wipes with the right texture and degree of thickness work make cleaning the baby's bum easier. It's easy to pick up everything on the bum. Good wipes should not be too thick or too light.
    • Hypoallergenic wipes. They do not contain fragrance or any harsh ingredients to the baby's skin.

    No matter how much you prepare for parenting, you may get there and find out that you are not prepared by a long stretch. There are so many things to get right in diapering, including the use of wipes. Nothing prepares you for the practicals.

    In some situations, you never know what is right to do until you get there. It's really alright to learn on the go, plus the real learning begins when you first receive your bundle of joy. Then you can begin to test run all the information you have gotten.

    Usually, before the baby arrives, you would have stocked up on the most essential items like diapers, wipes, diaper cream, baby lotions, etc. You will most likely make judgments about what will be best for your baby from everything you read and are told. So here's something for you on baby wipes and diaper rashes.

    Skin redness and irritation around the butt area are common in babies because of the constant use of diapers; they are commonly called diaper rash. Diaper rash is often caused by frequently leaving babies in wet or soiled diapers for a long time.

    However, there are other things that could irritate the skin and cause rashes around the diaper area. These include:

    • frequent stooling (diarrhea)
    • change in baby food or something the mother has taken
    • reaction to a new product such as detergent used for laundry, baby lotion or oil, diaper product, wipes
    • Chafing from tightly worn diapers or clothing
    • Yeast or bacterial infection 

    The good thing is, most diaper rashes can be managed at home successfully. Changing your baby's diaper frequently, washing the butts with plain water and using the right wipes will help you manage the situation. 

    Baby wipes are an important part of baby diapering. It is especially useful in cleaning the butt area when changing diapers from either pee or poo. Wipes may contribute to diaper rash if the baby's skin reacts to an ingredient contained in the wipes.

    When your baby has developed a rash, it's important that you take extra care in cleaning the diaper area using wipes. You don't want to irritate the area any further. You should gently clean the area, dabbing instead of scrubbing it as scrubbing may cause the already brittle area to peel.

    Final thoughts.

    As with all baby items, it takes deliberate effort to find wipes that suit your baby's skin especially when you have to deal with rashes. Here you have some products that have been tested by moms and trusted to be effective. You can check them out at the stores or on Amazon.

    You can also ask moms that you know or meet about the wipes products they use for their baby's diaper rash. However, always check for the ingredients present in the wipes. The effort you put in is always worth it.

    Avoid wipes that contain petroleum-based ingredients or that are termed "unscented". Go for wipes that are fragrance-free.

    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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