Is This Possible That Babies Are Potty Trained By 6 Months of Age

Is This Possible That Babies Are Potty Trained By 6 Months of Age

Someone's mother-in-law said that babies should be potty trained by 6 months of age. I don't really think potty trained by 6 months old is even possible.

Six Month Old

All parents want to make their children independent. The time consumed by the mothers to take their child to the toilet has a great value. Therefore, many mothers start to teach their children how to use a toilet. This technique is very useful. There are some risks also associated with this technique. Children can slip in the toilet. Different toilet seats for children have been designed to make potty practice comfortable for them.

Ancient Rome was the first to train their children to use toilet seats. They have designed comfortable seats for children. Many new amendments have been made in the designs to make these seats good to use. It is unknown which technique was used by Roman to potty train their children. This process is beneficial for the parents as it stops the expense of diapers. Many mothers are using different methods to train their children. Potty training will help the child to stay away from all the skin reactions and allergies caused by diapers. The old age people are of the view that a child should know the use of toilet as early as possible because they do not believe in the quality of diapers.


The time required for potty training


Potty training is not an easy task for mothers. It may require three to six months to train a child. Many of the children are not even train to stay dry at night. If the training of the child is started early then it will more time to train him completely about the use of the toilet. Boys take a longer time as compared to girls. To teach a toddler may take extra time. It only depends on the activeness of the child.


Potty training for infants:


The potty training for infants having age between 0-12 months is started is different countries. The child is lifted above a sink or a toilet seat and different sounds are produced by the mothers. These signs are for the child to eliminate the pee or poop. This training has many advantages. The baby cannot flush the waste or clean himself but he will not have any rashes. He will be able to use the toilet early as compared to one who was not trained during this age.


Potty training for toddlers:


This is the perfect age for telling the child how to use a toilet. The age above 12 months and below 18 months. If you will start the training at this age then this will help your child to master all toilet skills quickly. The children who have no training of potty at this age are not able to use a toilet at the school-going age. Toddlers can understand the signs of mothers easily. For children under 18 use a potty seat to train them. In this phase of life, a child understands the actions and response to you. 

 Crawling Baby

Potty training after 24 months:

 It is quite late. The parents should not wait until this age. As the interest of the child to wear diaper will increase and he will not start using the toilet. In this age, the child has learned to wear soiled diapers. He has also forgotten the body signals. 



What should be the age to start potty training of a child?


Many people are not sure about the age at which the potty training of the child should begin. Different kids start using the toilet at a different age. It depends on the parents to make sure that their child is ready for potty training or not. The age of the child does not matters. It depends on the ability of the child to perceive the actions or guidelines given by the mother. Many children start giving a response at the age of 18 to 24 months.


Signs one should know to start potty training:


Do not wait for the age limit or the ability of your child to speak. You can start the potty training of your child if he shows the following signs:


  • If your child shows interest in using a potty seat instead of a diaper then you can start his training.
  • Make sure that your child follows simple instructions.
  • If he keeps his diaper dry for 2 hours or more time then he is ready for potty training.
  • When you try to put on his diaper or disposable pants and he puts them down.
  • If he can understand the words for potty or pee then start training him.
  • Give him a potty seat. See either he enjoys sitting on it for some time or not.
  • Try to guide him about the toilet place. Tell him about the potty seat. Also, try to make a connection between potty and pee.
  • You can also demonstrate to him how to use a potty seat. If he understands your action then your child will soon be using a toilet. 


The potty training of the child should be started at a low age. This will save the child from skin rashes and urinary tract infections. The younger child if not a potty train can suffer from stool toileting refusal. The younger child is less able to fulfill their needs. They have more frequent bladder voiding. The early training only means basic training. It is a good strep to start early training of the child. Some doctors advise that do not start early training if 

  • He is not healthy suffering from diarrhea or constipation
  • is stressed by the new changes, for example, the birth of a new baby


The choice of the proper time to start the training will save the child from any long-lasting problems. The parents who want to get rid of the daily use of diapers should start early potty training.

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