Should I Diaper My Kids For A Long Car Ride?

Should I Diaper My Kids For A Long Car Ride?

You should diaper your kids if you are willing to go for a long car ride. Parenting is never an easy job. If you are planning for a long car ride with your kids you must have patience and knowledge of how to deal with the worst situations.

Ok, now you have got this long road trip and you don’t want to leave your son or daughter with a nanny or a house help? Should you diaper the baby for that long trip? If yes, then how often should you be changing the diapers? All these questions and many others will be answered in this short brief. 

One day, it will go 110% right, but on the other day, it can cause some serious problems for you. Pack some essential materials before starting a long ride. It is most important to get your kid’s feelings of a car seat before starting a long car ride. 

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If you are planning a first long ride with your kids it might not go well for you. You should prepare a list of what you should pack for a long car ride. If you have missed anything you can buy from a superstore. You should estimate the needed diapers for this ride and keep almost a double quantity with you. What you should carry with you for a long car ride?

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Changing pad
  • A bag for the dirty diapers
  • Diaper cream
  • Pad changing kit if available
  • Pee pad for the seat of a car
  • A diaper cover

Benefits of changing the diaper at the rest stop

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There are good chances that you will find a proper table for changing there. There can be a disadvantage to doing this. You will not have control over cleanliness. While changing a diaper in the car the main advantage is you can take your time and take care of cleanliness. It also has a disadvantage. If your baby starts crawling or rolling out it will ruin the entire car seat. And to get rid of this smell you will need a new scent as well. 

It is better to change the diaper in the car. But make sure that before starting the change process all the supplies are laid out. Cover the seat before changing the diaper. Open the wipes packet and constantly keep your one hand on your kid and monitor their activity. 

People love to travel with their kids irrespective of the age and stage. It’s not always easy to travel with your kids for a long car ride. The most difficult thing during a long car ride with your kids is a diaper change. If you are not willing to use a diaper during a car ride you are taking a big risk and you will have to pay for it. Your kids may spoil the car and also the ride. 

If there is a good age gap between your kids then it will be easy for you. You will be changing the diaper of only one or two kids. Why is it important to keep a double amount of diapers? During a long car ride even at rest stops or gas stations, you may not found diapers available there. So if that’s the case so what you will do? That’s why it is better to keep the almost double amount of diapers with you to enjoy your safe ride. 

You can also have any car engine failure or tire burst or punctured you will have to wait for a long time. So here the extra diapers will come into use. In any car front seat of the car is an ideal place for a diaper change, but it must be covered with some essential supplies before initiating this change process. 

Distractions are essential for a diaper change

It does not matter whether you are at home or on a long car ride. You must have some distractions materials along with you. If you have an active kid you will be required 6 to 7 hands for a diaper change. So to tackle such a situation you should provide them with some toys or other things to divert their attention and you can easily perform the diaper change process. 

You can give them an extra diaper to play with. So the kid will focus on that diaper and will not stop you from a diaper change. You can turn on favorite songs or poems of your kids in the car. They will enjoy the music and you will be able to easily perform your job. If you have any plastic toy that can also be a great choice. 

Why do you need to add extra diapers into luggage? 

You might found diapers during your ride. There is a strong possibility that those diapers might be of different brands and you are using different company’s diapers. What this will do if you buy another brand or company’s diaper will cause rashes. As a result, your kids will be uncomfortable and you would not be able to enjoy your ride. 

How to change the diapers of kids in the car?

A diaper change in a car can be fun. There can be a few options for an easy diaper change in the car during a long ride. 

  • Diapers can be changed at gas stations, petrol pumps, rest stops, restaurants, or any baby supply store
  • You can do this by using your changing pad and this can be done inside your car


You kids must be wearing a diaper during a long car ride. This practice will ensure you enjoy a safe and healthy trip. You will focus on your trip rather than on cleaning your car or car seats. To avoid smell in your cars make sure that your kids are wearing diapers. Car cleaning costs will be multiple times the cost of a diaper. 

So before starting a long car ride with your kids makes sure that you have proper luggage with you. You must have each and everything that can help during a diaper change process. Once everything is set up you will enjoy your ride with your family. There is nothing more precious than to spend time with your family. Be smart and keep extra diapers and wipes with you to enjoy a safe and healthy ride. 

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