What To Look For In A Changing Table?

What To Look For In A Changing Table?

If you are a new parent, one thing is for sure you will be spending most of your time at a changing table. It has been reported that in the first two years of a baby’s life there will be almost 5,000 diapers change. This is a huge number. So make sure that the diaper changing station is convenient, safe, and comfortable for your baby. There are lots of changing tables available. You can choose according to your budget and need. 

Changing Table

If you want to save money and space then it is better to buy an excellent changing pad and place it on the top of the dresser or bed. When a baby reaches the age of 1 year it will easy for you to change diapers even on the floor.

Changing Table

To find a perfect changing table look for the following things. 

While purchasing a changing table looks for following things

  • Safety strap
  • The first and most important thing while purchasing a table is to look for a safety strap. The table must have a pad that should be attached with a safety strap. You can also purchase changing pads separately, but it is better to consult the manufacturer of the changing tables and ask for the size of a changing pad. 

  • Consider the storage
  • Change table must-have storage to keep important and much-needed items such as baby wipes, diapers, baby cream, and nappies so that you don’t have to go far to take any of these things. There are lots of changing tables that offer the option of open shelves so that you can easily reach to clothing and diapers. Some tables contain drawers or there are some tables that contain a combination of both shelves and drawers. It is better to have at least one drawer under the changing table so that you can quickly get all the supplies that are needed during a diaper change. 

    Changing Pad

    Some parents prefer tables with open shelves. The advantage of a drawer over open shelves is the diaper supplies will be hidden so you can quickly change your baby while in the open shelves baby will move towards supplies and it will be difficult for you to change diapers. 

  • There should be barriers on all sides
  • You might see barriers made up of woods or rails on the sides of a changing table. Traditional tables mostly contain these barriers. According to safety standards, changing tables must have barriers on all four sides. While purchasing a table make sure that four sides have barriers if there are barriers on two or three sides then don’t buy such a table. 

    If the changing table has a contoured changing surface then only two opposing barriers are enough. Keep a hand and eye on your baby this will provide added security to your baby. If changing tables have safety straps always use it otherwise, use a changing pad with safety straps, it will save your baby from falling. 

  • Check changing table’s height
  • Changing tables are available in different heights. Some tables will be of 36-inches and there will be some tables of 43-inches as well. A safety strap or anti-tip devices are a good choice for all the tables. A table that is in proportion to your height will save you from back pain. If you are tall, then buy a taller table. Place it with a wall and use an anti-tip device to avoid the tipping. If you are short in stature, then it is better to buy a shorter changing table. 

  • Safety
  • The changing table should be stable and strong. It should contain roll-off protection in the form of raised sides it will prevent your child from falling off the changing surface. There should be no hazards such as limb traps or sharp edges. Side barriers should be at least 100mm high. If a changing table contains harnesses it will provide you extra peace of mind, but never rely on these safety things for your safety you must have a hand on your baby all the time while changing diapers or clothes. Make sure that the table is well balanced as it will help to avoid tipping. 

  • Foldable
  • If you don’t have enough space in your room so it is better to buy a changing table that is foldable so that you can fold it after use. 

  • Ease of cleaning
  • The table’s surface must be easy to wash or clean. There will be lots of mess going around so make sure that the table’s surface can be cleaned easily. 

  • Castors
  • While purchasing a changing table make sure that the table has castors at the bottom. If the table contains castors check out whether the castors have brakes or not. 

  • Durability
  • When you are looking for a changing table make sure that it has a strong base and legs. 

  • Washable changing pad
  • Although, you might have to purchase this changing pad separately but make sure that this changing pad is made of such fabric that can be easily washed and does not contain any dirt in its fiber. The changing pad must be waterproof and easy to clean. 


    Choosing a perfect changing table is the most difficult task because you are looking for something that is comfortable to use, fits the space, and it should be safe and stable. So look out for the above-given things while buying a changing table. Safety is almost the first priority for the parents. So look for safety barriers on all sides of the table. 

    Choose the height of the table according to your own height it will save you from back pain. The changing table must contain guardrails. Higher the guardrails safer will be the changing table. These guardrails become handy when your baby starts crawling. After buying the perfect table place it close to the wall. There should not be any space between the changing table and the wall. Keep the changing table away from windows, heaters, and from the opening doors. 

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