App to Track Feedings and Diaper Changes

App to Track Feedings and Diaper Changes

Apps have made life easy, and most of the time, there is no need for doctors. You can have an eye on the health of your baby and can easily track the milestones your baby achieves.

App to Track Feedings and Diaper Changes

You can find out why your baby is suffering from fever, track feedings, and diaper changes. During the first few months of a baby’s life, you spend most of the time worrying about the health of your baby.

To keep track of all the things, just download an app on your smartphones and stay updated about the feedings and diaper changes. 

  1. WebMD Baby
  2. FirstYear
  3. InfantRisk Center
  4. Eat Sleep
  5. Baby Sprout
  6. Baby Connect
  7. Baby Food Allergy Tracker
  8. My Baby & Me
  9. Baby Development Week by Week
  10. Total Baby App

Top 10 Tracking Apps 

You can try any one of the below-given apps. The good news is that most of them are free. 

  • WebMD Baby
  • WebMD Baby

    If you are going to download the WebMD, you will have to download the baby specific version as well. This app will provide you all the useful information about your child’s health. This app contains articles from those doctors that are approved by WebMD baby. You can also enjoy the features of complete sleeping schedules, feeding, and growth, and also, it provides you the ease to take pictures and record videos. You can also capture the precious moments of your little ones. This app is free for android, iPad, and iPhone. 

  • FirstYear
  • FirstYear

    It is another app for tracking feeding and diaper changes. You can set reminders with the help of figure taps. This app contains the health question section, and you can keep notes for the doctor’s visit. You can keep a track record of the baby’s milestone. Clicking on the camera icon, you can take a picture of the milestone. The problem with this app is that it is not for android phones. It is free for iPad and iPhone. 

  • InfantRisk Center
  • InfantRisk Center

    It is an excellent app for parents. Parents can check the extensive list of medications. It contains a list of medicines that are good for women to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The good thing about this app is database is updated daily, and it provides information on over 20,000 prescription and non-prescription drugs. This app is paid, and you can purchase it at $9.99. You can install it on all the smartphones like android, iPad, and iPhone. 

  • Eat Sleep
  • Eat Sleep

    If you want to track your baby’s routine, then it is the easiest and best app to do so. You can get all the info with just one-finger tap solution. It is the best app that can help you to keep tabs on baby’s sleeping, diaper, and feeding habits. It can allow you to track the daily, weekly, and monthly trends that can help to keep an eye on overall health issues. This app is also free for iPad and iPhone. 

  • Baby Sprout
  • Baby Sprout

    It is yet another useful app for tracking feeding and diaper changes. Baby sprout can help you to track memories and milestones, feeding and immunization, monitor medication, and track growth. It offers an excellent homepage that allows you to keep an eye on monthly development progress and all the activities. This app is free for iPad and iPhone. 

  • Baby Connect
  • It provides you everything you need to maintain a baby’s good health. With the help of this app, you can have a close look at growth, health, and development. It is the best tracking app as it provides lots of trackers, such as solid foods, pumping, nursing, milestones, sleep, diapers, moods, doctor’s visit, and everything you want to track. It is an effective and paid app, and you can purchase this app in just $4.99. It will provide you reports in charts and graphs forms so that you can share reports with babysitters and partners. It can tell you when to change the diaper and many more things like that. It is supported on Android, iPad, and iPhone. 

  • Baby Food Allergy Tracker
  • When your baby starts eating solid food, it probably happens when a baby reaches six months, and there are chances of allergies and skin reactions. This app can help you to note what foods your baby has tried, what foods are good for their health, and what are the suspected reactions of food. Foods resulting in allergic reactions will appear in the list of future warnings and appear in orange color. It is available in just $0.99. So you can purchase it for the iPad and iPhone. 

  • My Baby & Me
  • It is the simpler version of baby connects. With the help of this app, you can track the baby’s weight, feeding, diaper changes, height, and sleeping routines. This app allows you to take pictures of the baby’s milestones and convert them to easily sharing mood. This app is also free, but you can install it on only the iPad and iPhone. Not supported for android mobiles. 

  • Baby Development Week by Week
  • This app is free and can be installed on android phones. This app can provide you full control over breastfeeding. It can give you week by week information about the growth of the baby. You can browse the milestones and physical development according to your baby’s age. So it is the best choice to track feeding habits. 

  • Total Baby App
  • As it is clear by its name, this app is ideal for those parents who have more than one baby. This app can allow you to track all the essential information with just one finger tap. It is available in just $4.99. It offers tracking and logging functions and 14 separate timings so you can track information of more than one baby at a time. 


    There is nothing more important than your children. So, to ensure good health, you can purchase these tracking apps. Try free apps if those apps don’t work then you can buy paid ones. Babies are always a gift of GOD. If you can maintain their health with just one finger tap, then there can’t be anything better than that. So, download or purchase any of the above-given apps and have a good time. 

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