Recommended Resources

We recommend these resources that help us during this parenting period.

For Everyone

If there is only 1 resource in this list, we would choose Google. Till this date, we still use Google only as it have everything including babies and all the possible symptoms, odd questions we have. 

Youtube is also a surprisingly great website for parent. It isn't to find baby content but to find musics or lullaby or rhythm that can help when the baby is cranky. We stumbled upon waterfall sounds or hair dryer (that right!) that helped our baby relaxed. Of course, things changed and it failed to work then we listened to nonuser rhymes from channels like CocoMelon

We also knew BabyCenter since we started. It really have everything about baby too and most importantly a great community which Google referred us to. The user content from other parent who faced similar issues was the number one reason we loved it.

WhatToExpect has an app we used to learn each stage of pregnancy. It was more of a fun app to guess the size of the baby relative to a fruit/vegetable every week. It can be a sweet pea one day and grow along the way. I think we see more and more apps that 

For Fellow Singaporeans

Only for Singaporeans, this government all-in-one app, Moments of Life, covers all the subsidy and applications you required, including library cards too.

For Book Readers

We tried books that we skimmed through but nothing was that worthwhile compared to the instant information available online. Do let us know if any books really work as it is usually just sleep when you can after getting your baby to sleep.

For Baby Products

Friends and Families are really key. There is always another parent who has been through this and have many items that are not needed for their grown up kids. After getting their items, do pass it on to your other friends or families too. Things like baby cot (oh memories of our kids falling once. Do get a good one and watch out for your baby), baby bumbo chair (we tried once but our chubb baby outgrown it and didn't like it at all), strollers. We still got our own breast pumps.