About Us

In early 2019, we became a new parent and realized many topics of kids are unanswered or required spending hours reading deep into forum posts. 

DiaperWIki was started in late 2019 as we had prepared sufficient answers to queries that were unanswered or required searching multiple posts. Some posts were interesting, like how hard it is to decompose diaper (we still used disposable diapers knowing how much harm but being a parent is hard :) ). It led us to the rabbit hole of cloth diapers and surprised us how much people really want to save the world. Respects and kudos to cloth diaper parent.

There are days we seem to run out of ideas or topics but the next days, we have a problem with our parenting and it led to a strings of ideas and questions. It is like the life of parent. Just when you thought you understand your baby, there is another sleep regression when they crawl, when they walk.

Anyway, enough of parent talk. We hope you loved DiaperWiki and support us by reading our posts, sending us ideas or let us know your problems. We are here.

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