Are cloth diapers making a comeback?

Are cloth diapers making a comeback?

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No, without any doubt cloth diapers are not making a comeback based on Google Trends. Disposable diapers make their entry into the market in almost 1961. So then the idea of cloth diapers became less and less important, and it was difficult to find a cloth diaper. The cloth diaper did make a comeback in the ’90s. However, in 2014 their popularity reached its peak and have since dipped. There are a few reasons why cloth diapers reached their peak in 2014 as given below




The main reason behind the comeback of the cloth diapers is the use of the internet. It allows people to discover, buy, learn, sell, and how to use a cloth diaper. Just go to Google Chrome and write cloth diapers you will be amazed by the results. There are different forums, suppliers, tutorials, and carts available on a single touch. The internet has provided information to everyone which was once known by only the manufacturer and who sold them. There are lots of forums where moms from all around the world can communicate with each other. These forums make the cloth diapers completely manageable. 


There was a time when the industry was limited to only the bird’s eye flats, rubber pants, and pin. Now the time has changed what great things your sewing hands and creative minds can do you don’t even know that. Fiber is available from gorgeous to flat out stuff. Designer fabrics were once used to make only drapes and comforters. They are now used to make cloth diapers of multiple styles. 

You can choose a fitted diaper that needs the cover and pocket instead of flats and pins that are still very popular. If you opt for pre-folds or flats, you have not stuck with pins anymore as the only fastener. Snappi is an excellent alternative for this. 

Easily available

In every major city, there is a superstore where you can buy a variety of cloth diapers. From all well-known stores, the cloth diapers will be readily available for customers. People who are still not aware of cloth diapers might be exposed to it during grocery shopping. Store owners should make these cloth diapers visible to the public. If you want to buy them online you can also do that. There are online sites that are offering this service. You can buy cloth diaper at a great price. 


Environmental concerns are increasing day by day. Due to the threat posed by a disposable diaper to the environment, the door for a cloth diaper is opened now. Disposable diapers are non-biodegradable and millions of tons are sat in a landfill. If you want to keep your environment clean you might switch to cloth diapers as soon as possible. A major benefit of the cloth diapers is their life span. Unlike disposable diapers, they can be used for longer periods of time. Cloth diapers can be passed from one child to the other and can be used for decades. 

It is an excellent choice as far as health is concerned

Disposable diapers can pose a big threat to the baby’s health. They contain harmful chemicals that can be dangerous for sensitive parts of the baby. One of the parents reported that she noticed that crystals sticking to my son. I realized there was something wrong with disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are the perfect solution for the highly absorbent chemicals that are present in disposable diapers. You can find out the diaper made up of the material of your liking. 

Ease of use

If you buy a cloth diaper it is almost similar to a disposable diaper. Aplix can be used as a fastener. A snap is also another fastener. There are some all in one diaper that is ready to go straight away. 


Many people have switched to cloth diapers. The main reason behind this is these diapers are cost-effective. They are cheap as compared to disposable diapers. They can be used for longer periods of time, but that’s not the case with disposable diapers. It is said that cloth diapers can be used for decades. The only thing you need to use the cloth diaper again is a good detergent and an efficient washer and dryer. 

Good absorbent capacity

Disposable diapers are costly and are designed only for one use. Their absorbent capacity is less as compared to the cloth diapers. The disposable diaper will have to be changed at least once in a night but a cloth diaper can go through a whole night without a change. Cloth diapers are made of natural stuff. Its fiber and cotton is 100% natural stuff. So it has absorbent power more than disposable diapers. 

Perfect for a newborn baby

As a new parent, it is difficult for you to pick up the best diaper for your kid. Just for guidance purposes, you should know that cloth diapers are the best choice for a newborn baby. Cloth diapers are soft and comfortable. Your baby can spend a whole night in a single diaper. You don’t have to disturb their sleep to change the diaper. 


There are lots of families that can’t afford disposable diapers. So the cloth diaper is an ideal choice for them. If you have purchased only 20 cloth diapers, you can use them again and again and they will be usable for decades. They are cost-effective and cheap as compared to disposable diapers. They are safe for the environment. They are reusable so don’t worry about their disposal. 

They are effective for newborn babies as they are soft and comfortable. They are made up of natural fibers. They don’t contain any nasty chemicals that can cause skin irritation and rashes. Cloth diapers are available in different sizes, colors, and patterns. If you don’t want to buy them from market you can make cloth diapers at home. People are now getting awareness about the cloth diapers and there will a time when the only used diaper will be the cloth diaper. So, it can be concluded that cloth diapers are making a comeback. 

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