Baby Diaper Laundry Service

Baby Diaper Laundry Service

What is the baby diaper laundry service, and how much this laundry service cost? Without any doubt, diaper laundry service provides the ultimate convenience.

Baby Diaper Laundry Service

In this article, you will find out all the useful information that you need to know about the baby diaper laundry service. 

How does baby diaper laundry service work?

Diaper service companies pick up the nasty and soiled diapers from your doorstep and deliver sanitized and clean diapers to your doorstep. Different companies have different schedules of pick and drop. So, you can enjoy the ease of cloth diapers without taking the tension of laundry. 

What type of diapers, laundry service companies take?

Most of the diapers cleaning companies take diapers that are made of high-quality cotton. They take pre-fold or fitted diapers. For such diapers, their cover must be waterproof. Some companies offer covers on rent with their diapers, and in some cases, you will have to provide diaper covers. Mostly service cleaning companies prefer sized diapers so you need to buy a proper fit every time. 

What is the cost of baby diaper laundry service?

The cost of laundry service is usually around $19 to $25 per week. You will enjoy the additional benefit of delivery at your doorstep. 

  • The cost of the cloth diapers will be on the higher side if you want to buy and wash your cloth diapers. But, it will be less than the cost of disposable diapers. 
  • Most of the laundry service companies charge the delivery price only once, so if you have more than one child using diapers, it would be a bonus for you. For more than one child, the delivery can be more affordable as compared to disposables. You wouldn’t have to keep cloth diapers with your laundry. 

Keep a few important things in mind

  • Check for are the extras that are included in the laundry service. Some packages might include a specific number of diapers to a flat fee. Some may or may not include the cleaning of wipes, covers, reusable bags, pails, etc. 
  • Most of the companies offer discounts to new customers. Some companies offer discounts when you refer them to a new customer. Some companies offer loyalty discounts, and it means if you are using their laundry service for more than a year. 
  • Some companies are offering something extra such as they are offering toilet training means they will potty train your child, and if your child doesn’t get potty trained by a certain age, they will not charge service fee after that point. 

What does a weekly fee of baby diaper laundry service include?

This detail can vary from company to company. Weekly fee includes diapers, deodorization disks, and delivery. However, remaining items that are required to diaper your baby are not included in the standard fee. So, when you are comparing laundry services, look for the following factors: 

  • Whether you need to buy diaper covers or not? If yes, what will be the price of diaper covers on rent? 
  • Do you need to provide your diaper pail, or is it included in the rental fee? Some companies include the cost to purchase a pail, so be careful and look for it. 
  • Does the laundry service include disposable or cloth wipes or they charge extra for these wipes?
  • Check whether the fees vary based on the number of diapers or not? And see is it a fixed fee plan or vary according to the number of diapers?

So, before choosing any diaper laundry service, take these factors into account. 

Benefits of cloth diapers laundry services

There are lots of advantages to baby diaper laundry services. A few major benefits are given below:

  • Convenience
  • They will deliver at your doorstep. You will get your bag even if you are not at your home. 
  • Commercial companies use different laundry machines and detergents so that you will get sterilized diapers. So, you will not have to perform flushing of waste before sending them to the laundry service. 
  • Lower environmental footprints. When companies perform laundry services, they use less energy and water resources. There will be no or fewer landfills as compared to disposable diapers.  
  • If your baby is using cloth diapers, then he will be potty or toilet trained earlier than those who wear disposable diapers. 
  • You are contributing to the local economy. Diaper laundry service companies are mostly local and small. 
  • Laundry service can be a great option if you want to use cloth diapers for only the short term and don’t want to tackle with lots of laundry straightaway. 

Cons of baby diaper laundry service

There are a few cons of diaper laundry services as well. 

  • This laundry service industry is booming, so it would be hard for you to find one if you are living outside of the major cities. 
  • Details of the packages and prices can vary from company to company, so you might have to test a few before finding a perfect one. 

How to find a diaper laundry service near you?

Most of the diaper laundry service companies are locally owned and small, so you will have to do the groundwork to find the best one. To find laundry service near you explore the following options:

  • Phone directories, especially yellow pages. 
  • Search engines. 
  • Local directories according to your country and city. 
  • Word of mouth.
  • You can get the list of local services from hospitals, prenatal programs, and public health. 

So, to find a perfect match for you to explore all these options. 


So, as the world is growing so are the needs. There are lots of facilities for people who are short of time. One of the facilities is the baby diaper laundry service. If you want to use cloth diapers and don’t want to waste time on its cleaning and purchasing, then find a diaper laundry service. Choose the best laundry plan, and enjoy your time. 

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