7 Best Free Audiobooks For New Moms

7 Best Free Audiobooks For New Moms

Being a new mom will be both a physical and mental war as your body adapts.

Don't fret as we have been through the path and there are many parenting books to learn some as you undergo the motherhood process from pregnancy to breastfeeding to teaching children life skills.

The good news is Audible is free for the first book so pick one you liked and signed up to hear. This page contains affiliate links but you will not pay extra due to it.

1. The Sh!t No One Tells You About Pregnancy: A Guide to Surviving Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Beyond Audible Audiobook

As the title can tell, it is a highly recommended book with a sense of humor. It is a great pregnancy book for first time mom expecting your first child and have no one telling them how it will be. It covers pregnancy and childbirth and is easy to hear.

Many recommended this book and even gift it during baby shower or gift to a parent friend that gives a funny and joyful take for moms who just got pregnant.

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2. You Are a F*cking Awesome Mom: So Embrace the Chaos, Get over the Guilt, and Be True to You Audible Audiobook

This is another highly recommended shower gift and made many new moms laugh and realized they are not alone. Parenting is a humbling experience for everyone so get over the guilt and mistakes you made. No one should make a mom feel guilty as motherhood is painful and a proud moment. 

Especially as a new mom, sometimes you feel like the transition to motherhood should not be so hard and whether you are a failure absolutely.  Fret not, this book will be refreshingly honest and make you laugh out loud over the many times you fee you are not alone.
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3. The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind Audible Audiobook

This is a must-listen baby book for every parent who is more right-brained and wants the technical knowledge of bringing the best for your child.  

This practical book shared the whole-brain child concept in an easy-to-understand and common sense approach. Especially if you planned to have one child, you probably want the best for your only child.

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4. Becoming MomStrong: How to Fight with All That's in You for Your Family and Your Faith Audible Audiobook

This book by Heidi St John is great for a parent with a strong religious belief and faith. It will share the word of god and in its word, make a mom become Mom Strong. Many parents who needed the extra faith will feel a fresh breath of air hearing it out.

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5. Rich Dad Poor Dad: 20th Anniversary Edition: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! Audible Audiobook

I read Robert Kiyosaki's book when young about the mindset with the Rich Dad and Poor Dad story. There are benefits of having the Rich Dad mindset which you might not have if you come from a lower-class family and this book will kind of change your mentality of getting out of the rat race. 

However, do note, there are many critics over the years as it had become slightly more sales talk. Financial literacy is an important skill for yourself too besides your kids as you will need to manage the evergrowing expenses of your child.
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6. Becoming Audible Audiobook

While you cannot be the first lady, you can hear from a former first lady as an African American.

This is a great book by former First Lady Ms. Michelle Obama especially if you loved to hear from famous people in their journey. She is a great role model for many and shares many behind the scenes information.

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7. Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life? Audible Audiobook

As a new parent, it is easy to focus your energy on your child only and forget about how your child was created. Many marriages changed completely with the arrival of a child and many plans are disrupted.

This funny book is hilarious and helps you laugh out loud as you think about your new marriage life after being a mom. There are many moments you will feel the same after you become a new mom.

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