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Best Changing Table For Tall Parents

For tall parents finding the best changing table is always difficult. There are lots of changing table options available for tall parents. If you are changing a baby diaper on a short table, it will result in back pain. In the market, you can find a changing table of almost 30-inches height and there will be some tables that are 35-inches tall. If the height of mom is 5’9” then the 35-inch size table is perfect. For more than average height tall moms and dads may require tall changing tables. In this article, you will find out some best changing tables for tall parents. 

The best options for tall people

There are some tall tables available for tall parents. You will find the best options in this article. 

  • DaVinci Baby Change Table
  • DaVinci Baby Change Table

    It is the perfect option for tall parents. The total height of this changing table is 40 inches and it contains safety rails that avoid babies from falling. When the safety rail height is deducted the changing pad height would be somewhere around 35 to 37 inches. 

    When you use a thick changing pad on the top of the table it will also add to the height. There are some risers available in the market you can get them and attach to the changing table this will increase the height of the table almost by 3 to 8 inches. The color of the table is white and risers also have the same color so it would not look odd. 

    The best thing about this table horizontal safety rails on the sides of the table. These safety rails will not only prevent your babies from falling but also these will avoid baby-wipes, baby cream, and diapers from falling. This table offers plenty of storage space as the table is 36 inches wide. It also offers two levels so you can store plenty of your kid’s essential items. 

    It does not contain any drawers. So you might not be irritated by a drawer during a diaper change. You can easily pick whatever you want to pick from the shelves. This will help you to ensure the safety of your baby. You might not be spending time on the opening and closing of the drawers and searching for essential items. 

    If you want to make storing options more efficient you can place a basket or a diaper caddy on the changing table so that you can organize all the much-needed items in it. As there are levels in this changing table so a basket height should not be more than 9 inches so that it can be placed easily. 

    Shelves are made up of medium density fiber material that means you can place some weight on it. It offers the choice of changing a separate pad but this changing table already contains a 1-inch thick changing pad. But you can buy another changing pad if you need it. The quality of the table is excellent. As it is a tall table, so it is a perfect option for tall parents. It contains side and top safety rails that will help to keep your baby safe during the change process. Its design is like antique vibe furniture. 

  • Storkcraft Aspen Changing Table With Drawer
  • Storkcraft Aspen Changing Table With Drawer

    Storkcraft is a 40-inch extra tall changing table. It is another good choice for tall parents. This table wins the award of an extra tall table in 2018. Its height is almost similar to DaVinci, but the design of this table is different and it offers extra features. It does not contain side rails so it can be annoying for tall parents to keep the essential items on lower shelves or drawers. 

    It offers a top drawer that was missing in DaVinci. You can keep all the diaper changing essentials there. You can place baby cream, wipes, powder, lotion, and even diapers so that you can get quickly. You might not have to bend to get the items from shelves. This top drawer would not interfere while changing diapers. On the top sides of the table, some handles can help you to easily move the table. 

    You can hang a baby’s towel during the bath time and you can tie a plastic bag with it in which you can throw dirty diapers. It has a non-toxic finish. It is available in multiple colors such as espresso, cherry, and black. Due to the durable pine construction, it offers a good weight capacity of almost 30 pounds. It’s extra height and top drawer makes it a perfect choice for tall parents. It has a unique curved design and also contains a safety strap. 

  • Delta Children Ava 3 Drawer Dresser With Changing Top
  • Delta Children Ava 3 Drawer Dresser With Changing Top

    It offers you a changing station on the top of a dresser. It provides more safety and looks much better than the other changing tables. A good thing about this dresser is the changing table is removable so when a baby has outgrown the diapers you can use it only as drawers to keep the essential items of the baby. 

    It contains 3 drawers so it offers plenty of storage to keep all the essential items of the baby. You can use these drawers to keep the baby’s clothes, diapers, towels, and much more. The height of the changing table is almost 38.5 inches so a good choice for tall parents. You can utilize most of the height as there are no safety rails available. 

    Don’t worry about the safety of babies. It contains attachments so you can easily attach this dresser to the wall and this will minimize the risk of tipping. It offers 4 inches tall surround that prevents the baby and essential items from falling onto the floor. You will have to purchase a changing pad as this dresser does not contain any pad. You can easily purchase 16 by 34 inches pad. 

    The Conclusion

    For a tall parent, it is always challenging to find the best changing table. While purchasing a tall table make sure that it contains safety rails on top and sides. So these are the best options for tall parents. 

    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form

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