Best Homemade Baby Wipe Solution

Best Homemade Baby Wipe Solution

We have been using wipes for a long time for the cleaning purpose of our babies. As in the childhood of the baby, there is extensive use of wipes or cloth diapers have been observed. So, instead of extravagant in the use of an aforementioned item, it is suggested to reuse the wipes. For that purpose, a wipe solution is used. 

Wipe Solution

These solutions are available in the market at a reasonable price or you can make the best baby wipe solution at your home with the help of just a few ingredients that are commonly available at your home. Making a solution at home is not only cost-effective but also gives the level of satisfaction that it’s best and wouldn’t harm your baby's skin. Here below are the few simple techniques to make the best homemade baby wipe solution.

Making a wipe solution from in-house available ingredients


  • Boiled Water
  • Oil (Baby oil/ Sunflower oil/cooking oil/coconut oil)
  • Vitamin-E
  • Baby wash soap or shampoo


For making your the best homemade baby wipe solution you just simply have to add the above-mentioned ingredients with the following proportion and your homemade wipe solution is ready to use or you can change the ingredient’s proportion itself until you get what suits your baby skin most.

  • Two Cup of boiler water
  • 16 oz Coconut oil
  • Add some crushed baby soap pieces
  • Two fluid ounce Vitamin E
  • Add some Aloe Vera

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is being used as an antioxidant and hence it will slow up the oil putrid process. However, it will not avert the bacterial growth process. For said purpose aloe Vera is added to the mixture. Aloe Vera serves two purposes:

  • It acts as a moisturizer
  • And it has anti-bacterial properties

It is pertinent to mention here that make sure that you are using natural aloe Vera gel for said purpose rather be using the commonly available gel at your local drug store. 

It is best to add ingredients in chronological order like; firstly add boiled water then after oil (Whichever you like the most) that will make the surface oily and after it adds soap which because of its intrinsic property will immediately remove it after then add aloe Vera and vitamin-E. You can use this solution easily by pouring it into spray bottles. Make sure that this solution shall be kept away from your children’s access. As for drinking, this solution may cause a respiratory problem or may prove fatal to your children.

Caution: Shelf lives of these solutions are limited. Thus, to avert the solution being smelly it is suggested to add every week a small quantity of fresh solution to it so that it doesn’t get smelly.

How to prepare recyclable wipes

I wouldn’t say that making wipes from the in-house available cloth is a new idea. No, it isn’t. This idea has been pitched by a long time ago and has been adopted by many women for their newborn babies till yet. This is not only a cost-effective one but also reduces the garbage amount which we are thrown into our community waste bucket, and on this governments have to take responsibility for its disposal. To make environment-friendly, people should have to switch on it.

For making wipes I used my old blanket which has very soft fibers or I also used my old-discarded clothes which I stored in the bucket at my store. Firstly just cut it into a square shape and then after pour wipe solution over it and store it in a plastic box. You can store it in a warm place to provide coziness to your child. Once after using this wipe solution, rinse the wipe with boiled water and again spray wipe solution over it.

Why I prefer reusable wipes over disposable ones?

  • This wipe solution is made by me so I know what exactly is in it. No harmful ingredient means no worries for me.
  • These are easily washable and after drying you can use it. So, no worries about it else if you have found that you have run out of the wipes. You will immediately rush to the superstore to purchase the same paper towel. Thank God! God saves me from this tension now.
  • Cloth wipes are long-lasting and cheap.
  • Using a reusable wipe is also an environment-friendly activity. I am not a tree hugger at all, and now it is amazing to feel that at least I am contributing to protecting the environment. This is the least I can do.
  • These wipes are not dry and holding some moisture which doesn’t make a scratch on the baby’s soft body and from my personal experience, I used one for 2-time diaper changes.
  • These are best to remove the greasy or unpleasant smell from the hands and face of your baby.

Going outside with your wipes

If you are uncomfortable in carrying your reusable wipes than just with little effort you make your disposable wipes too. Here below is the little effort you have to do for making it.

  • Take one roll of tissue paper and remove its cardboard from the middle.
  • Cut the roll into two pieces
  • Now place the paper in an accordion fold in the plastic box
  • Pour Wipe solution over it and close the box

Doing all this activity would add some more burdens on you while you already have a lot of other things to do when you are going for a picnic or to your relatives, etc. I think it is not bad at all because no hefty labor is required in doing that. However, I am different and I used to carry a separate box and store all my useable wipes in it which I make reusable again after washing it with boiled water.


It is best to use a homemade wipe solution for your growing baby. As skins of babies are softer and sensitive compare to adults and may get affected badly when it comes in contact with any of the ingredient present in solution and it doesn’t have compatibility or suits to your baby skin. Using a homemade solution will give you the level of satisfaction that your baby's skin is safe from toxic contamination and also minimize the burden on your wallet.  So, it is better to use the best homemade baby wipe solution instead of purchasing from market. 

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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