Can I use a diaper for my period?

Can I use a diaper for my period?

Yes, you can use a diaper if you have the issue of unexpected and heavy periods. When you are out of the house for a whole day and you cannot change all your clothes and don’t take a bath at your own will. However, there is a solution, you can use adult diapers and briefs for light bladder control. It will not be recommended for extended periods of time because they can be uncomfortable. They can also be harmful to your skin because they will not let your skin breathe.

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They can also cause heat rash, bacteria, or yeast if you are used to such issues. If you feel you are having heavy and abnormal bleeding then it is better to speak to a gynecological professional. This can be an issue of concern and they might have a simple therapeutic solution for this. 

You can use the diapers. They are excellent for containing bodily fluids. They work similarly as the pads do for periods. When you use adult diaper under tight clothes it may be noticeable. When you wear it under loose clothes during periods no one will know about this. You can buy from the market some special ones. You can wear them as panties because they are designed specifically for women with bladder leakage. Make sure that you are changing them on a regular basis like you change the pads. 

How you can deal with periods at night?

It is a basic but very important question. How will you manage your periods at night-time? What if it occurs for the first time? These are the following tips to tackle this issue. 

Try out different options

  • If your periods are heavy try out tampons and pads, and it is better to lie on a towel. It is better to try out different options. 
  • Don’t worry about tampons and cups. Just find out what is best for you? Use adult diapers at night, try out overnight pads, use multiple towels and try to lie on your side. 
  • You can use reusable pads as they might work for you. You can also try old shirts and underwear.
  • If you want to get relief from some of cramping and heaviness, especially at the start of periods and you want to feel cleaner, it is suggested to take a bath or hot shower before bedtime. 
  • You can try “night plus” pads along with tight underwear for a better grip. Try to lie on a towel because you will often change your side during sleeping. 
  • Try out different things anything can work best for you. Starts with the pad and then move to tampons or cups once you are confident about it. You can try a diaper as well. 
  • You can wear old panties or tampons. It is better to change them late before going to bed. You can set up an alarm so that you can wake up and change whatever you are wearing. Setting an alarm can prevent you from a potential mess. 

If the flow is heavy try to double up

During the heavier days, there is a strong possibility that your cup might fill up in no time. Try out the things that are suitable for your body and skin. Trying an adult diaper can be a source of heat rash. If you have heavy bleeding especially in the start go for double protection methods. You can use multiple pads in your underwear. Place a towel underneath and wear old pants or something like that. 

You can take your time to find out what thing works best for your body and periods. If anything works well for someone else it does not necessarily mean that it will work for you as well. You can double up the pads as they will cover from front to back. It will help you a lot. Don’t worry about leaks, as it is the normal thing and doesn’t feel embarrassment. 

If your period ranges from medium to very high use the maxi pad and towel on your bed. You can also try out adult diapers for heavy flow. Your blood can leak even after lots of protection, so try a dark towel for your mattress protection. 

Adult diapers can be the booster for your confidence. If you are facing the heavy flow for a few days, then these diapers can be the best way to get a good night’s sleep. 

No need to worry about the leaks

Periods are the normal process and you can have leaks as well so don’t feel embarrassment. You can even try netball shorts or even boy leg underwear over your normal underwear. This will be helpful in case of leakage. If you are at someone’s house during your period days try to add some more protection. 

If accidentally you leak on the bed don’t worry it can be cleaned up easily. If you wear a tampon for overnight it can be dangerous for you. Having periods is a normal thing, but as we talk about it makes it the worst thing in the world. As it is a natural thing so the best thing to do is not to panic. 


For periods, you will get lots of things. There are lots of menstrual products for you. Try out different options and select the one which is best for you. You may have leak sometimes don’t worry it’s not a big deal. Wash it with cold water immediately and put it into a washer. For normal to heavy periods try out things accordingly. There is no issue in trying an adult diaper. As far as it works for you to go at. 

If you are safe with pads then you should wear only pads. If tampons or cups work well for you, you should use those products only. One last thing period is a natural thing so doesn’t be panic. Find out the best possible thing to use during your periods. 

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