Can You Exchange Diapers For A Different Size

Can You Exchange Diapers For A Different Size

It is a problem that most parents face. Babies grow very quickly. Although it is a good thing, a problem arises when the diapers and clothes become short.

Parents tend to buy diapers in bulk so that they don’t have to visit the store frequently. It can be a problem with both disposable and cloth diapers.

The answer to the question of exchanging unopened diapers for a different size is usually "yes” especially if you kept the receipt. For example, Walmart or Target allows exchange unopened diaper within 90 days while Costco allows exchange within 30 days and Kroger doesn't allow without a receipt.

Diaper Exchange

Therefore, the exchange policy of different stores is different so this varies with your retail store.

How to Exchange Diapers?

If you have purchased diapers in bulk and your baby outgrows, then don’t worry; there is good news for you.

Almost all the stores exchange unopened packages of diapers for a different size. If you have lost the receipt of the purchase, you can still exchange diapers. This exchange policy is good for parents. Just like baby clothes, children can outgrow diapers in a couple of days. 

When you are a new parent, you are not sure when to buy which size. So most of the time, parents buy wrong sized diapers. The process of exchanging diapers is the same at all the stores. Just take the unopened pack of the diaper to the store and visit a customer service desk and tell them the entire situation. Ask them whether they can exchange diapers for a different size or not? 

Most of the diaper packs have the same price. The size of the diapers doesn’t matter. Mostly brands reduce the number of diapers in the pack instead of increasing prices for a larger size. So, you don’t have to worry about the price as well. You will get a large size diaper at the same price. 

The same price packs contain a different number of diapers. In a single pack, a number of smaller diapers will be more as compared to medium to large size diapers. Another fact is when baby gets old; he/she consumes less diaper than they do in the early months. 

Be wise and think twice before buying diapers in bulk

When you purchase anything in bulk, it can save you lots of money. The same is the case with baby diapers. Most people love to use cloth diapers, but they don’t work well in some situations like traveling and many other times. So, people love to buy disposable diapers in bulk to save money and time. 

Be wise while buying diapers in bulk because when your baby outgrows diapers, and you are left with a half package, then instead of saving money, you might lose money. This investment will go in vain. So, the wise thing to do is whenever baby changes diaper size, and then at that time, you can buy diapers in bulk. It will allow you to use the entire pack of the diapers, and your investment will not be wasted. 

In early days babies grow quickly, and you can’t even tell when the size of the diaper will be changed. So, you don’t want to be left with a half pack. So, be careful when your baby is in the growth stage. Don’t worry about your money. If the pack is unopened, you can get it exchanged from any of the stores. 

What to do with extra diapers?

If you have left with some diapers that no longer fit your child, there is no need to take tension. As it is mentioned earlier, all the stores will accept and exchange diapers if the packs are unopened. If your baby outgrew, and you are left with a half or partial pack, and you can’t exchange them for a different size, still you can still use them for various purposes. 

  • Gift those diapers to your friend or family member who have a little child or they are expecting a child. 
  • Bring those extra diapers to church because most churches have a nursery, so that it can be the best gift. 
  • Donate these diapers to women’s shelter. 
  • You can give those diapers to your local daycare. 
  • To clean messes or other spills, use them in a garage. 

While donating the diapers, do some extra favors. Try to donate them in an original pack if the pack is not available then write size on the diaper if it’s not already mentioned on the diaper. If you have lost the original package, buy a zip-lock bag, or you might have one in the house, and label the bag with the diaper size. 

You can also donate the diaper wipes. Most of the shelters also need wipes. Talk to organizations before donating something because there will be some items that are not required by the organization. Another possibility is that the organization might have a restriction to accept those items. 


So, the question was, “Can You Exchange Diapers for a Different Size? The answer is yes, you can. Most of the big brands or store offers this exchange as a goodwill gesture. You can’t control a few things like baby growth and outgrowing diapers. Everyone is busy in their daily routine and don’t have time to visit stores frequently to buy diapers. So they usually tend to purchase diapers in bulk. If in case baby outgrows diapers, you can exchange them for a different size. 

Be careful and be wise while buying diapers in bulk because you can only exchange an unopened pack. You can’t exchange the partial or half pack. So while buying in bulk, keep a few factors in mind. Never forget that babies grow quickly. Still, if you have purchased diapers in bulk and you are left with some, then you can use them for different purposes. You can give it to your friend or family member. You can donate to some charity organizations. Or, if you are planning a child, you can keep it for some time because the diapers don’t expire. Store them in a less humid and cold place and you can use them for your newborn baby. So, investment in diapers never goes wasted. 

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