Cheap Diapers in Singapore?

Cheap Diapers in Singapore?

We all know that raising a baby in Singapore is an expensive business. Yes, it is the biggest cost incurred in raising the baby as compared to baby milk powder, clothes, etc.

Although the use of reusable diapers can lessen the load on your pocket if you are away from your home or going for an outing. Do note that some diapers are cheaper for a reason and somehow cause more rashes which means you need to spend more on diaper creams, etc.

Tips to get cheap diapers:

  • Check the online stores that offer sales like Qoo10, Shopee SG or Lazada.
  • Compare the cost of a single diaper instead of the whole diaper. Because in different brands, the total number of pampers is different (making it so confusing). Nevertheless, always compare the unit diaper price.
  • Try to buy in bulk as with this you will get some discounts on the retail price.

Cheap diapers of Singapore

Here are some of the cheap diapers you can get in Singapore.

Pampers Baby Dry pants

  • The material doesn’t erode easily.
  • Excellent absorbency for 12 hours.

This brand is one of the most selling in Singapore. The mother loves it because of its 2 times better absorbency as compared to the conventional one. These diapers are also breathable means air can pass through it which reduces the likelihood of the occurrence of rashes.

Pampers Baby Dry pants

Drypers Touch

  • Flexible and fit according to the baby's body.
  • Best leak protection.
  • Long-lasting dryness.

The Unique selling point of baby Drypers touch is its long-lasting dryness. Pro Skin technology has been used in its designing which makes it extra soft. Now changing the diaper in nights is no more issue for moms because of its dryness trait.

Drypers Touch

Drypers Drypantz

  • Extremely fit to wear
  • Zero leaks
  • Natural ingredients

The popularity of this diaper is because of these three things. First one, it has an active core which absorbs all the pee and remains dry throughout the time. 2nd is baby feels comfortable in it. The last one is it has natural ingredients that are healthy for your baby's skin.

Drypers Drypantz

Huggies Platinum Diapers

  • Excellent breathability 
  • Lock leak protection.

Your baby's skin is very delicate. So, choosing a diaper that is compatible with your baby is the biggest challenge. Huggies Platinum diapers have excellent breathability and lock leak protection, which minimize the chance of leakage.

Huggies Platinum Diapers

Where you can get cheap diapers in Singapore:

Pampers, Huggies, and Drypers seems to be most popular in Singapore. Because of cheap in price and 2nd thing it is comfortable for your baby. Here are some renowned places where you get cheap diapers in Singapore.

Purchasing Diapers from Qoo10

The Qoo10 is a platform where you can get cheap diapers. Most of the time these companies do offer a reasonable discount price on its item. Nowadays, all big companies have their online store on Qoo10 i.e. P&G.

Purchasing Diapers from Lazada

It has been observed that Lazada offers the cheapest price for pampers in comparison to all the e-commerce companies in Singapore. The subject company offers the cheapest delivery charges even free if you have the live up membership

Purchasing Diapers from RedMart

RedMart does not have any physical shop it’s an online store that offers a good discount on purchasing multiple pieces of one product. This discount could be up to 12 %. It also sometimes offers a 5% discount for their Live Up subscribers. 

Purchasing diapers from Ang Mo Supermarket Diaper

These have their outlet in the north & northeast of Singapore. The said superstore offers a cheap rate even compared to the online store.

Remember to check for extra credit card promo

If you have a credit card then you can get some extra discount by purchasing up to a certain amount. For example, you can get a 10% discount if you used the credit card of a bank of china Zaobao. And used 600 $ in a month.


Nowadays, you can save a part of your money spent on diapers. By checking the discount offers on different online stores, outlets and by use of credit card options. Moreover, while selecting diaper brands keep all the key points in mind discussed above.

Today, these disposable diapers are now one of the vital baby items, especially for newborn babies. Many Diapers that are available in the market today have some toxic substances that can harm baby skin. 

Select the perfect diaper for your baby

Different diaper brands available in the market are biodegradable, fragrance-free and also the best absorbent. You must have to be very choosy while selecting diapers after all a bad selection may harm your baby's skin. To avoid the entire aforementioned problems you just have to follow the below-given tips.

  • High Absorbency
  • Keep diaper dry
  • Soft and comfortable to wear

High Absorbency

To keep wetness away from your baby skin is one of the important factors while selecting diapers. Excessive contact of urine with baby skin can irritate, leading to allergy or rashes. So choosing a highly absorbent diaper makes your baby mood happy.

Keep Diaper Dry

Choose diaper that can evenly distribute the urine and keep the surface dry and comfortable for baby. It has been observed that using a specific type of diaper can react to your bub’s skin while others don’t. This is because of the different nature of the baby’s skin. This can be undermined by selecting a diaper that is soft & cottony.

Soft and comfortable to wear

The next thing you should have to take under consideration is diaper softness and fits individual baby body shape. A good fit diaper means it should have the minimum chance of a leak and comfortable/ fit to wear. Elasticity in the diaper helps to fit the baby's body and making a liquid seal.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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