Do You Need A Diaper Changing Table?

Do You Need A Diaper Changing Table?

So, do you need a diaper changing table?

No, it is not necessary to have a diaper changing table. You can easily use a dresser for a changing purpose. You just have to add a changing pad on the top of a dresser. 

Diaper Changing Table

Changing diapers is never a good activity for you and your baby. You will buy each and everything that makes you and your baby comfortable.  When you have a baby, there are lots of items that you will have to purchase. Some of them are necessary, and some are unnecessary.

Do You Need A Diaper Changing Table?

As I mentioned in the introductory part, there are some necessary and some unnecessary items. So, it is not necessary to buy a diaper changing table. You can turn your dresser into a diaper changing table. For this, you will have to place a changing pad on the top of the dresser, and you are all set. It has an advantage over the diaper changing table. You don’t need extra space for the dresser because it is already fit in. For the diaper changing table, you will have to spare some space for it. 

If you have decided to purchase a diaper changing table, look for some safety options for your kids, such as guard rails. Still, you will have to keep an eye and hand on your baby to prevent him from falling off. Look for good height and extra storage space. Changing tables come in many different heights and storage capacity. It is recommended to buy a table that has shelves or drawers. 

When You Need A Diaper Changing Table? 

The diaper changing activity starts instantly. So you need to be ready for it from the start. You can use a diaper changing table until your baby reaches 32-inches height. It is the standard length of the diaper changing pad. Your baby will achieve this height by his first birthday. 

List of Baby Items You Can Live Without 

Before buying anything for your baby, read this guide. It might save you lots of money. 

  • The Changing Table
  • You can skip this furniture piece. Changing table can be pricey, and it requires a significant space in the baby’s room. In the first few months, you will be changing too many diapers, so you can’t go to the nursery every time for a diaper change. You would like to change diapers where you feel that it is convenient to do. If you want to have a changing area, buy a changing pad, and place it onto the dresser. You can save space, and a changing pad can also be used after your child is out of diapers. 

  • Wipe Warmer
  • People get crazy and excited when they have a baby. It’s a natural thing you can’t do much about it. Parents buy a wipe warmer, but I think it is pointless. It will defeat the purpose because it seems to dry the wipes. Warm and moist environments are ideal for germs, so you can’t place wipes in such a place because you are going to use wipes in sensitive places so it can be the reason of rash or irritation. When a baby gets used to warm wipes, you can’t use cold wipes when you are out of the home. It can cause problems for you. 

  • Diaper Disposable System
  • No one wants to keep dirty diapers at home for a few days. You can flush waste into the toilet, and that can be the best solution to get rid of waste. Most parents, who are worried about the smell of the dirty diapers, usually buy disposable diaper sacks. These sacks can help to seal the bacteria and wetness, and you can keep your house odor-free. 

  • Special Baby Detergent
  • With the arrival of the baby, you will be spending too much money on special detergents to clean the laundry. You want to wash spit-up covered clothes with special detergents. So, my suggestion is no need to buy special detergents for clothes. You need to buy detergent that is free from perfumes and dyes because both these things can be irritating for the baby’s skin. You can buy a regular product from the supermarket and can save you money. You can wash the baby’s clothes with the other laundry. 

  • Baby Timers
  • It is a portable device that keeps track of changing, sleeping schedules, and feeding. Without any doubt, it is a genius idea. You don’t have to invest in this device because you can keep track of all these things with pen and paper. If you want to use technology, then you can buy apps from play store that are available at low prices. 

  • Expensive Crib Bedding
  • If you want to make your nursery stylish, yes, you can still make it without investing $200 in crib bedding. The blanket that comes with the crib is big and too heavy to use for a new baby. A report suggests that crib bumper has caused many deaths of kids below 2 years. Many kids are unable to find the perfect development because of these crib bumpers. You can purchase cute sheets to make your nursery stylish. 

  • High Chair
  • Yes, babies need a place where they can sit during eating. But these stand-alone and high chairs are expensive. More importantly, they require significant space. So, I would never suggest buying a high chair. When these chairs are covered with food, they look disgusting. It requires frequent cleaning to prevent food particles from stuck-in. So, no need to buy this high chair. 


    Do you need a diaper changing table? No, I don’t think so. If you have a dresser at home, then you just have to purchase a changing pad. It will save you money and space. People spend lots of money on unnecessary items. If you still want to buy a diaper changing table, look for the safety of the kids. A diaper changing table must-have guide rails. Make sure that table has the right height and storage capacity. It will prevent your baby from falling off, and you can store all the essential items in one place. 

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