How Does A Diaper Raffle Work?

How Does A Diaper Raffle Work?

Before discussing how a diaper raffle works, it is important to understand; what is a diaper raffle?

Diaper Raffles is a fun way that involves guests to prepare new parents for the expenses that come with newborn diapers. When guests are invited for a baby shower, they bring a diaper pack to join a diaper raffle draw for other small prizes.

They make it more interesting by collecting all the packs and diaper raffle tickets and place them in a container. They get one ticket out of the container, and that winner is awarded a diaper raffle prize.

Now, we will discuss how does a diaper raffle work? 

How Does A Diaper Raffle Work?

A diaper raffle involves planning before a baby shower, so that guests have awareness of the activity, and they can participate if they are interested. If you are sending invitations to guests, you can send them a diaper raffle ticket as well. By sending a diaper raffle ticket, you are giving them a signal to bring a diaper raffle pack and a diaper raffle ticket to the event. 

When you are inviting them for a diaper raffle, there is no need to mention the required number of diapers to enter the raffle drawing. When they get their diaper pack along with them, they get the ticket for entry. Moreover, you can specify the diaper’s sizes on the diaper raffle tickets from newborn to step 4 because your baby will be using these sizes during the first year. 

If you want to make your event memorable and send diaper raffle tickets along with invitation cards, you need to have some extra tickets because sometimes people forget to bring tickets. You might have guests who want to purchase tickets. So, you must have extra tickets. 

What to do if parents are brand conscious?  

Parents don’t want to put their newborns in danger, so they want to use branded diapers. If parents have some brand preference, they can mention it on the diaper raffle ticket. You can say bring a pack of Molfix, Huggies, and Pampers of any size, for a chance to win a prize. 

If you are buying printed tickets from the market, then you can write on the back of the ticket with hand. You can tell them your preference so that guests can bring them accordingly. If a brand doesn’t work well for your baby and you have lots of unopened packs, you can contact stores like Walmart and Target to exchange packs. Many big stores have this kind of diaper exchange policy. 

What Would Be the Prize of a Diaper Raffle? 

You can choose a prize according to your wish but make sure that it is exciting and everyone should like it. The prize must depend on the participants. If lots of couples are attending your baby shower, you can gift them a movie night basket that contains a movie ticket, lots of candy, a bottle of wine, and popcorn. If you have lots of families in this event, think about the gift that can work best for families. For example, you can gift a winner family the ticket of a local attraction. 

When you are considering the prize, at least spend $50 to $100 for the grand prize. You need to choose the prize after calculating the price of diaper packs. Your guests must feel that they are winning a prize that worth more than they have spent. You can enhance the excitement of the activity by representing a prize in a fun way. 

Is it difficult to have a diaper raffle?

People have different opinions about hosting a diaper raffle at a baby shower. Some would say that it is difficult to host and some would suggest it is the best idea. Let’s take an example. If you were invited to a baby shower and they had a diaper raffle, then what would you do? You might grab a pack of diapers or wrinkle your nose in disgust. Take the opinion of expectant parents about the diaper raffle. 

If you are hosting a diaper raffle event, you can mention on the ticket that it is optional. If they want to participate, they can do it by bringing a pack of diapers. They might change their mind after watching the grand prize. A diaper raffle can be a good addition for many parents because it is a fun activity. It is the best practical way to celebrate the arrival of a little one.  

Is it mandatory to have a diaper raffle in a baby shower?

No, it is not mandatory; even a baby shower is also not necessary. A diaper raffle is a fun activity and nothing else. It is the best way to celebrate the arrival of a little one. If you don’t want to do that, it shouldn’t be an issue. You can make it part of a baby shower for fun. 


When we go a few decades back, there was no such activity. A baby shower and a diaper raffle activity are the latest events, but these are excellent additions. A baby shower and a diaper raffle activity allow families to reunite and have some fun. People want to know, how does a diaper raffle work? It is a simple and fun activity in which you invite guests to participate and bring a pack of diapers along with them. You set a grand prize for the winner. 

People have different opinions about a diaper raffle activity. It depends on whether you invite them just for a baby shower or you want them to participate in a diaper raffle as well. So, don’t think much about people’s opinions, and if you feel it is a good activity, then include it in a baby shower. You can make it optional for the guests to participate in it. When they will come to know about the grand prize, they would take part in the event. 

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