How Many Wet Bags Do I Need?

How Many Wet Bags Do I Need?

The first thing you need for cloth diapers is a wet bag.

Now the question is, how many wet bags do I need? For starting your cloth diapering journey for a baby, you need two small wet bags. Moreover, you need two large wet bags or two diaper pail liners. 

The exact amount depends on your washing routine and needs.

If you have any extra bag or liner, then it’s a bonus. This extra bag can be used for an emergency. Now, you are ready to start your stinky diaper journey. 

In this article, we will share more  about wet bags usage and how to clean them.

Wet Bag

A waterproof bag used for storing wet cloth diapers is called a wet bag. Moreover, you can use them for storing dirty diapers, pump parts, and lunch. There is a difference between a wet bag and a pail liner.

Pail liner may have elastic or drawstring closure around the top and it allows the secured opening of a diaper pail. 

On the other hand, a wet bag has a zipper closure at the top. Pail liners are much larger than wet bags. The good news is you can use wet bags even after your diapering journey is over because wet bags have endless uses. Our recommendation is a large hang wet bag. Ideally, it would be best to have at least 2 to 3 wet bags at home for wet and dirty cloth diapers. 

Which Wet Bag Should Be Used at Home? 

It depends on your washing routine and interest. If you like to wash diapers every other day, you will have to wash 20 to 25 diapers, so you need to have a large pail liner. If you prefer to wash every day, then you can have a pail liner. If you don’t have too many wet diapers and put them inside a large wet bag, you should prefer that. Pail liners are ideal to be used at home, and they don’t contribute much to landfills. 

What Do You Need For Your Diaper Bag?

A large hanging wet bag can be too big for your diaper bag. However, it is recommended to purchase a pack of GroVia wet bag or Thirsties wet bag.  These bags can hold about 4 to 6 diapers. Moreover, you can pack an extra wet bag for messes of toddlers when you are away from home. Wet bags are waterproof, so they are perfect for newly potty trained toddler accidents, mud, and spills.

What Do You Need For Your Car?

For a car, you need to have at least one wet bag filled with cloth diaper essentials. You can pack three cloth diapers, a balm spray for the bottom, and six cloth wipes. Tuck this under your seat. For example, you forget to carry a diaper bag next time; don’t worry, you have everything in your car. 

What Should Be The Breakdown?

You need to have at least one large wet or liner bag at home for storage of dirty diapers. Moreover, you need two wet bags for everyday diapers, and you need to keep one extra wet bag for an emergency. Wet bags can be used for various tasks, so you need to purchase quality wet bags. If you are caring for your wet bags along with diapers, your bag can last for years. 

What Should You Need For Your Diaper Bag?

If you are going to become a full-time cloth diapering parent, you need mini wet bags. Smaller versions of the wet bag are convenient and keep your diaper bag in for travel. You need at least two wet bags. One is to keep dirty and wet diapers when the second one is being washed. You need to purchase wet begs with double pockets. 

One pocket can store clean diapers, and the other is for poopy and dirty diapers. You can purchase these bags online at a great price. If you want maximum wet protection make sure that wet bags have their seams sealed. You need to buy the Bumkins wet bags if your baby is a heavy wetter.  

Why Do You Need Zipper Closure Wet Bags? 

The wet bags are always good, but if you have zipper closure bags, then its best. They can keep the smell at bay. Zipper closure prevents odor and moisture from escaping. These zippered bags contain a loop for hanging. So, you can hand them over hooks on changing tables and doorknobs. 

There are plenty of wet bags that act as a diaper pail. The top of the bag contains hanger and, at the bottom, there is an opening to drop soiled diapers into the washer. You can choose wet bags according to your budget and needs. 

How to Wash Wet Bags? 

As is mentioned earlier, you can use wet bags even after the diapering journey is over, so you need to take care of them. Proper care means to wash them along with diapers in a washing machine and dry them as you dry cloth diapers. It is better to dry them naturally by using the open-air method instead of using dryers. Wet bags are a worthy investment, so pay attention to them so that you can use them for several years. 

Don’t use bleach or fabric softeners for cleaning. Ideally, you should air-dry them, but if you are short on time, you can dry them in a drier on low settings. Keep your wet bags away from UV light. 


When you have decided to use cloth diapers, selected the diapers' brand and style, the next step is to focus on diaper accessories. Remember, the cloth diaper journey is easy and simple.

Moreover, you need to be a bit careful about washing and drying of wet bags. Pay them the same attention as you pay to cloth diapers. Washing them with care, you can use them for several years. Having wet bags is a worthy investment, and you can use them even when your diapering journey is over. 


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