How To Potty Train A Boy

How To Potty Train A Boy

Potty training is not a simple process at all. It needs patience and a strategy to accomplish the task. Potty training may last for months or even years. Boys are slower to learn potty training as compared to girls.

How To Potty Train A Boy

There are certain guidelines you may consider.

The right time to start

It does not start with age. It starts with interest and willingness. Some children are ready to learn at their first birthday but for others, it may be as long as three years. Parents should not think of a great start. If it starts too soon it will take longer. Parents need to focus on timing. 


Indications to start the procedure

When there comes a time that your child is ready to walk and sit on a toilet, he or she can pull down pants or can remain dry for three to four hours. You may think of starting the process. Your child needs to know how to follow basic directions and how to communicate well. 


Buy suitable equipment

Choose the equipment on which your child feels relaxed. When he is having a bowel movement, his feet should touch the ground. You should use a small size potty to which a toddler can fit. It gives a sense of security and possession to the child. The child should not be anxious or upset because of the equipment. If the seat is at a height you can use a stool so that your boy can use it to sit on a seat. You should buy a potty without a urine guard. It can scrap the boy’s penis. 

 suitable equipment

Motivate your child

Do not be eager to complete the process just go through it. Do not blame your child’s intelligence or understanding. Avoid punishments and scolding. Decide and plan the procedure when you have a lot of time. Make the boy comfortable with the potty. Try to build a relationship between them both. Try different and unique things such as pasting stickers or decorating his name on the potty. Firstly make him sit with his clothes on, after one week or so try to put off his pants if he is comfortable. Do not try to a power struggle. It may cause failure. You can also try a doll or a stuffed animal and make him sit on the potty before the boy’s eyes. Many children learn through toys so it can be proved useful. You can also try two potties, one for his favorite toy and one for the child. It can create a desire for him to go through the procedure. 

Start with an Underwear

Tell your son about the advantages of using the potty. You can buy him cool underwear. Ask him to choose himself. He will be excited to use real underwear like his dad. If he is reluctant to wear it, try it over his diaper. If this method proves successful, he will wear underwear without a disposable diaper. Wearing underwear will give him a sense of covering and security. 


Keep him naked for sometime

Use a suitable long T-shirt and remove the pants or shorts. Give him a sense that he has a naked butt. Arrange his potty in an accessible area where he plays or enjoys the activity. It is the best way to know when your boy needs to use potty. Notice signs that he has to go for potty. The more time the boy spends naked, the faster he learns. Take care of the floor while he is playing naked as it would become wet and can cause an injury or something harmful. 


Celebrate the victories

It is not a fast process of learning. It surely will last long. You may experience many accidents. But finally, there will come a time when you will accomplish the task. It will be a great moment for the boy. Do not let it go unnoticed. Celebrate this moment by rewarding him a gift or granting a privilege. Take care not to make a very big deal as it will make him nervous about using the potty. You can add some extra time to his playground or provide him with a new video or a cartoon. 


Maintain a schedule

Setting a routine is the key to success. Accomplish every task at a particular time. You have to take the boy out of diapers at regular intervals. You have to decide between diapers and underpants. Many people prefer underwear or cotton pants over disposable diapers. You should keep in mind what’s good for you and your son. You can try many things but go for the one best suited.


Coordinate with daycare or preschool

The daycare provider or the preschool teacher may have a different opinion about switching to underpants. You should discuss your plans with them. Try to coordinate well as you have to manage the time of your boy out of the diapers.


Look for every option

Try to find options that can do the task easy for the boy. Do not get upset if the strategy fails. Do not go for punishment. If a child feels bad for poop, it can destroy the whole hard work. Potty training is just like learning how to ride a bike. It may cause failures for months but eventually you succeed. Do not lose hope or get frustrated. You can also take a break from potty training if it is not working. Look for all the possible options.


Make it a fun factory

Decorate the potty place with toys, colors, pictures, magazines, and postcards. You can also put food color to the water in the potty. It will make the boy excited about how he has changed the colors of the potty. You can also arrange for rewards such as pizzas and burgers when the job is done. Let him know that using the potty is an interesting act, not a weird one. 


While potty training a boy, look for the following:

  • The size of the potty should be considered closely.
  • The time should be right to start the procedure.
  • Follow the indications of the boy to go for potty.
  • Check out the steps that drive your boy for the use of the potty.
  • Do not lose patience. It will happen.
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