How To Prevent Diaper Blowouts

How To Prevent Diaper Blowouts

We will cover a few ways to help you avoid blowouts but to do that we should try to understand the reasons why they happen. Let’s cover them here one by one so that we may start avoiding them. Staying clear from any of these will surely help prevent some of the blowouts that you may have had to deal with.

Diaper Poop

Full diaper

This is one of the main reasons for blowouts. No matter the quality of a diaper it can only hold so much. There is a breaking point to everything, and diapers are not the exception. If your baby goes too long without a change of diapers there will come a point in time where that diaper will just give up on life. And it will allow its contents to spill everywhere. Try to not let this happen.

It is clear that nobody would do this on purpose. Sometimes we just forget. If you are not a parent you may already be judging here. Let us assure you that with the levels of sleep deprivation, exhaustion of all kinds and the sheer number of tasks to perform parents will often forget this fact. And it is only natural that we would.

Wrong size of diaper or clothes

Getting wrong the diaper size is a pretty self-explanatory conundrum. Too big and it will hold next to nothing. Too small and it will have little room to hold much at all. Both of these conditions will produce the same result we are trying to avoid. Keep an eye on your baby’s size so you can mitigate the risk of blowouts related to this issue.

Full Diaper

Tips on how to avoid blowouts

Now on to the tips. I’m sure you will find at least one of the following ideas applicable to your situation.

  1. Avoid the pitfalls mentioned above. Just make sure you take into account the details we just discussed and focus on avoiding them. That should take you a long way towards avoiding blowouts.

  1. Know your baby’s schedule. We all have a schedule when it comes to intestinal movement. You may think that your routine is something that you grew into. I have come to observe that my children have a routine of their own that they will stick to in a very strict fashion. They will poop at specific times of the day. Perhaps after a certain meal or activity. You can get to know the rhythm of your child and learn to predict their movements. If you master this you will reduce your risk considerably.

  1. If in doubt, change the diaper. You may or may not remember when you changed it last. You may or may not know for sure that the baby needs a new one. It is a good idea to put in place a policy that ensures that if you have actually forgotten when you took care of the diaper you change it immediately. It may not be the optimal solution, but it is one that will help take care of this problem. Of course, you should make sure that you change your baby’s diaper before he or she falls asleep, but that is not always possible.

  1. Change sizes. Maybe your little one has outgrown their current clothing. Perhaps the particular design of your brand of diaper or clothes is not well suited for him or her. This can happen very often. If that is the case you should not hesitate to move up one size of clothes or diapers. Even if they are not the one that is supposed to work with your child’s weight and age. Age, weight, and size are all approximations when it comes to babies. Brands have to generalize or they would not be able to market a product. We all know that every single body is different. That is the case for adults and babies alike. Proportions may be similar, but they are never exactly the same. This makes a difference some times.


I hope that some of this information will help you on your parenting adventures. Avoiding blowouts is great. Nobody wants to have to clean that kind of situation. If you have the knowledge and skills to prevent them you become a great asset in the raising of your child. Your partner will love you more for it, guaranteed. Have fun with your kid, but always keep an eye on that diaper!

Whenever I have to pick the clothes of the little ones, it was hard. It is hard to understand the fact that I can’t recognize by heart and at a glance which clothing item belongs to whom. Of course, it is an absolute mystery for me how she does this. We will not go deeply into this subject. Suffice to say that you can err on this as well. If you find yourself dressing your baby in wrong-sized clothes you can probably expect a blowout at some point. Too much pressure on the wrong spots and that diaper will unload its contents.

There is so much to learn when it comes to raising your child. Whether you are a new parent or returning offender you will always learn a lot in the process of getting your little ones out of diapers and into life. There is a lot you will get to know about human nature and yourself. Of course, you will get to know them pretty well too. Parenting can be fascinating and completely overwhelming at the same time. We will discuss today a topic that may not be of such a high-minded philosophical nature, but just as important. Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two from this article. Let’s dive into diaper blowouts and how to make sure they do not happen very often.

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