How to soothe my newborn baby crying without reason?

How to soothe my newborn baby crying without reason?

Babies cry especially newborn babies. It’s the way of communicating fear, pain, hunger, need to sleep and many more. You can’t predict why your baby is crying and what can you do? 

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What to do if your baby is still crying without any reason

Babies have their own reasons for crying but we cannot understand that. Even some experienced parents also could not read the minds of their babies. You can still provide comfort to your baby without even knowing the reason for crying.

Tunes and Music

Parents usually limit themselves to Lullabies which can be boring. As a matter of fact, most parents wonder why even after singing all the tunes they know the baby still continues crying. Don’t limit yourself. If the baby is crying, maybe he’s bored and probably wants to listen to something new. As a parent, you must know all the great genres and songs for babies. You also don’t have to focus solely on kid’s songs, because many children don’t even want to understand what the song is all about. Children only want to hear the tunes and that is it. One parent confessed that she usually sang the song ‘’Forget you by Ceelo and it worked. 

Turn on some white noise

White noise can be a good choice for soothing. The sound of water or singing a song close to the ear of a baby can help you soothe him. Take your baby outside in the fresh air and your baby will stop crying instantly. Warm water can also be helpful to stop the tears of your baby. You can gently shower your kid while holding in your arms. Keep your baby in motion either by your arms or by a carrier. 

Most parents will as well swear by white noise.  Turning on a fan or using a white noise machine can benefit you in this situation. The good news is that there are many white noise applications that you can download on the internet for such uses. 

Why this works

These noises soothe the baby because they directly imitate what he heard in his mom’s womb. In the womb, the baby was feeling the flow of blood which is the reason why this will benefit the child significantly. However, you have to make sure that the volumes are low. The main reason behind this is there are some experts claiming white noise in loud volumes contributes to hearing loss. 

Why music works

Music has the ability to calm the nervous system just like movement. What this will do to the kid is that it will reduce breathing and heartbeat. Again, never underestimate the power of a mother’s voice. So when you can sing melodious songs with your own voice, this will calm the baby. 


Put out light

This is another perfect method of soothing the baby to stop crying. Though, the method only works to some and not all children. There are doctors who advise putting the baby in a completely dark place when he won’t stop crying. Nobody has a clear reason why a baby will stop crying. However, there are some claims that the baby will assume the same environment that he was in the mother’s womb. This soothes the baby and will eventually make him stop crying or sleep. Other people say that doing this puts them on a sensation of them being rocked in your arms. 

Why this works

Babies are always overstimulated by the excess light and the noise. Therefore, not realizing that a newborn prefers a calm, quiet and dark place will only increase your issues. Some doctors also say that blackouts may stimulate the nervous system which can calm him down. 

Walk around with the baby

Walking around with the baby will as well make them happy and reduce the chances of them continuing to cry. As a matter of fact, some of them will stop to cry almost immediately you walk out with them. This is simply utilizing the calming effects of nature to calm the child’s nervous systems. 

Why this works

Nature has some soothing effect that will reduce the heartbeat and eventually the respiratory rate. With that, the baby will experience a calming effect that will eventually relax the nervous system. 


Record their crying and play it back

Many parents have confessed recording their baby’s cry and eventually playing it back.  The baby will be fascinated by the voices and to a greater extent, he will calm down and stop crying. 

Why this works

The reality is that many babies get distressed for a variety of reasons and it can be quite difficult to calm them down. If the baby was crying because of burns from dirty diapers, they will continue to cry even after you change it. One thing that many parents have discovered today is that recording and playing their voices can jolt a baby out of what is making him cry.

You can turn on the music or sometimes starts dancing in the corner of the room. Change the music to get the response of your baby. 


Massage your Baby

You can soothe your baby by just a little bit of massage. Do this gently and slowly this will bring comfort and soothe your baby he will stop crying. You can put your baby at any place after taking some safety measures. Let him cry for a while. Take advice from your family or friends. So if you have done everything right and still your newborn baby cries try out above given tips that will help to soothe your baby. 


Do Nothing and Calm Yourself First

There comes a time when you satisfy all your baby’s needs, feed him, change him and he will still cry. Most people wonder why the baby is crying if he already has a clean diaper, he’s full and everything else seems normal. This is exactly the time when you feel like you need to give up because you are left with nothing else to do to satisfy and soothe him. 

Regardless of the situation at hand, you should make sure the baby is safe and not crying. But how do you approach that when you already feel like giving up? You don’t have to leave the house because there’s always something you can do. However, if you feel like you can no longer put up with it, it’s better to step out for a while with the baby. As a matter of fact, babies will cry because they are bored and hence taking a walk outside may be of huge help in calming him down.

Some parents choose to put the baby down and eventually walk out for some time. This is not a nice thing to do but I have never seen a baby die because of crying. So when the situation is overwhelming, there is nothing wrong with taking some time out to breath. However, don’t stay outside for too long.

Why babies cry (Reasons)?

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So, it is very tricky to understand why your baby is crying. It is difficult to predict especially if it is your first experience as a parent. There can be lots of common reason behind the crying of a newborn baby. 


The first thing that came to your mind when your baby cries. With the passage of time, you will learn signs of hunger and will start feeding your newborn baby before crying. You can predict hunger by various actions of a baby like lip-smacking, putting their hands on mouth, and fussing. These signs can tell you your baby is hungry and wants to feed. 

A spoiled diaper

Some babies will start crying immediately to change the diaper. Some babies offer some time and can tolerate spoiled or wet diaper for some time. It is better to check the diaper and if needed change it this will help you to soothe your newborn baby. 

Babies cry when they need sleep

Your babies will start crying when they are tired. It means they want to sleep. You can have a recording of your voice and play it every time when you want to put your baby for sleep. So when they will listen to your voice, they will sleep in a few minutes. This can be the best way to soothe your newborn baby. 

Extreme weather condition

If you have fed your baby, changed his diaper and he is still crying that might be because of too cold or hot weather. So if it cold outside when you will use a wet diaper to wipe his skin he will definitely cry. Newborn babies like to be warm. They need one extra layer than you to e comfortable. Babies would not cry if they are too hot they will cry vigorously when it’s too cold. 

They might be feeling pain

There can be lots of factors that can hurt your baby and you don’t even realize that. Some newborn babies are too much sensitive. They can be hurt by tags on clothing or fabric. To find out the reason and try to sort it out, so that you can relive your baby from pain. 

Teething pain

The process of teething can be painful for your babies. Teeth will push through young gums. Some babies feel more pain than others. At some point, every baby will be feeling tearful teething. If you don’t know the reason behind the cry of your baby checks the gums with your finger. You will come to know why your baby was crying. 

Babies want to be close to their parents

Babies always want to see their parents, listen to their voices and sometimes they can detect their presence by their unique smell. Babies cry because they want to get more attention from you. Babies will cry so that you can get around them. It is an art of getting time and attention from parents. 

They might need burp  

It is not a mandatory process. If your baby cries after feeding you can burp him. He will feel better. When babies take feeding either through breastfeed or by sucking a bottle they swallow air. This air can be a cause of discomfort for them so that’s why they cry. You can release the air by a burping process. 

Baby cry if they are sick

You might have done everything right. But you still don’t know why your baby is crying. They can’t tell you what the issue with them is. But they will cry to let you know something is not right. Check the temperature immediately and notice his body language. This will help you to predict the problem and you will be able to soothe your newborn baby. 

Babies want less stimulation

Babies learn stimulation from the world of surroundings. They don’t want too much light, noise or being passed to different hands. So, if your baby cries try to sort out the reason. It will be any of these. Some babies don’t like to be swaddled. So put them in a calm and quiet place. 

Some babies when they have developed some understanding would like to listen to some sounds. If you don’t play the music they will start crying. To find out the nature of your baby this will help to soothe your baby and stop him from crying. 


Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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