Jujube BRB Vs BFF

Jujube BRB Vs BFF

We are looking at two different models of diaper bags today. They are not the only models available from this brand. We are looking at them because they are two of the most well-received that come out of Jujube. 

Jujube BFF and BRB

We will take a look at the BRB and BFF. We encourage you to go into JuJuBe’s website and browse a bit. The most important detail that we found a bit different between them is holding space. As we mentioned before the difference is not huge, but it is certainly there. If you need a bit more space you should consider getting the BRB. 

You could be leaving home with baby stuff and other extras. That would be hard to carry inside the BFB. Another reason to consider the BRB over the BFF could be that you may have more than one baby. If that is the case you will be coming up short if you plan on relying on the BFF only. You may even need something bigger than the BRB in this case. There are other options for you on the Jujube website too and find what fits your needs for sure.

Let’s describe a diaper bag before we get specific.


The BFF in our opinion is the more stylish of the two. You will find that it does not fit as many things as the BRB. You will look incredible with it, though. 

If you decide to go with this model you will be getting a very comfortable bag. 

In summary,

  • It will fit most of the things you need to take with you whenever you go outside with your little one. A lot of very useful compartments will help you keep your belongings in order. That will help you get straight to what you are looking for. This is crucial when in a tight spot.
  • It is one of the most versatile models available from this brand. It comes with a great selection of colors and designs. You are sure to find one that goes well with your personal style and other accessories. 
  • You can wash this bag in a washing machine. This last detail is very convenient.
  • You will be able to carry it in your hand and also use it as a backpack. It is of a more horizontal shape than a regular backpack.


This is the more spacious option of the two. It shares many of the features that we just discussed. Including many compartments, a great selection of colors and the fact that it is machine washable.

In terms of its shape, you will notice that it has a more vertical style, much like a traditional backpack would have. This is really an excellent choice if you need some extra space for your belongings.

A comparison

It is hard to go wrong with either of these. They are both from an excellent brand and they share many features. You will enjoy a lifetime warranty with either one. 

There are many designs and colors to choose from for both of them, too.  On top of that, you get a very useful compartment in both models as well. 

Let’s talk a bit about the Jujube brand too.


Jujube brand was created to produce excellent quality products for mothers. They have been around for over ten years. They have been making great bags and accessories for fashionable moms, and moms looking to get a product that is durable and offers great features. Between the products, you can purchase from them you can find diaper bags, handbags, laptop bags, and other accessories.

Given the history of the brand and the quality of their products, you can be sure that you are getting a product that will meet your expectations. If you are still on the fence keep in mind that they offer a lifetime warranty. They seem very confident in their products, you can probably trust the quality of them too.

Their Diaper Bags

A diaper bag is meant to hold diapers. That is not a complete description, though in Jujube. It is used to hold all sorts of things required to take care of your baby. We all know that it takes a lot more stuff than just diapers to make sure your baby has all that he or she needs when away from home. 

Packing everything that you might need on the road can be daunting. It is not just a change of diapers you will be concerned with. And of course, it will happen that you will need that thing that you did not pack for whatever reason. You can end up with a huge amount of stuff to carry around. If you are not organized it can be a mess. Thanks to this kind of bag you can have a lot of space to put away everything you need to take with you. All of this in a convenient bag that has compartments designed with your baby stuff in mind. 

There seems like there is a niche market for everything these days which is really great. It used to be the case that if you wanted a specific solution to a particular need you needed to make do with what was available and make your own modifications if they were needed. 

That is not the case anymore. The internet has given companies the power to reach very specific audiences, to the point where they can market products that cater to very specific needs.

That is the case with diaper bags. You can find a lot of excellent options to choose from and you will surely get what you are looking for.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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