My Child Wants To Wear Diapers!

My Child Wants To Wear Diapers!

If your child wants to wear a diaper, let him do. If they are not hurting anything let them wear the diaper. It depends on the age of a child. If your child is very young and he does not want to be potty trained and he likes to wear a diaper because he feels more secure in diapers. There is no issue to allow him to wear a diaper. If your child is an adult or in school-age then this is a serious issue that should be addressed as soon as possible. 

If your son is an adult and likes to wear a diaper it is called infantilism. It is not necessarily true that every adult who likes to wear a diaper is into infantilism. Some people just love to wear diapers nothing else. The infantilism wants to be diapered like a baby and they want to be treated like babies. If an adult wants to wear a diaper just for fun, then no issue in doing that. If your child is facing any issue of bedwetting or anything like that you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. 

Why do kids love to wear diapers? 

You may have a son who is four years old and he does not want to be potty trained. What you will do? Allow him to wear a diaper. You’re six years old son also requests you for a diaper you will have to fulfill his demand. If your nine years old baby has started to wet the bed without any physical reason you will have to allow him to wear a diaper. 

Baby Diapers

We are living in a world where the use of a diaper starts right after the birth of a child. In the early months, you cannot start potty training. So you will be using a diaper for your child up to almost 3 years. After that, you will start to give him potty training. It depends on the parents. Some start training right after 18 months and some do after 4 years. 

As a parent, you can read parenting magazines, articles related to parenting, and you can watch parenting TV shows as well to get some information about this issue. You will get advice from all these sources, but the decision will be yours. Baby diapers are available in almost every size starts from a newborn baby’s size to up to 4 years old child. It is suggested to potty train your child because it will be good for your child. 

Still, if your child is potty trained and you want to attend parties along with your kid you can use the diaper. There is no law that you can’t use the diaper if your child is potty trained. Your child will feel secure and love to be in a diaper during these parties or events. 

What to do if a young child wants to become a baby again

If your young child is under some stress he might want to be a baby again. There can be lots of reasons for this behavior. The divorce between parents, shifting to a new home, or the arrival of a newborn baby in the house can be the reasons behind this changing nature. Naturally, an adult would love to go to such times where everything was going well for him. 

It is difficult to read the mindset of the children between the age of 6 and 8 years. It is essential to know what kind of children you are treating before allowing them to wear a diaper. So if an adult wants to wear a diaper it is good but if he is facing any infantilism problem then as a parent consult a doctor and let the issue resolved. 

In general terms, kids like to wear a diaper because they will feel secure and they can spend more time playing. They will have to change the diaper probably only 3 to 4 times a day. If they are potty trained they would have less time to play. Now a day’s diapers are available in cheap price as well. So it is better to use the diaper until your child wants to wear it. 

When your child is in the initial months of his life, he will be urinating more. When he will grow up this rate will become less. So, in the beginning, he will be wasting more diapers. With the time being the trend will change. Your kid will only require two diapers a day. There are lots of reasons why kids like to wear diapers. They can sleep well. They can play well. They will not face any issue while crawling. They can enjoy parties. 

So, as a parent, you should take care of the interest of your child. Provide him with all those necessary things that can make his day. This will be good for both of you. When your kids enjoy a good sleep, you can sleep more. Your duty time will be reduced. You don’t have to clean your bed or mattress at regular intervals. Kids wearing diapers will not shower urine on your carpets or newly purchased furniture. 

It is good to allow your kids to wear a diaper. First of all, make sure that they are not wearing it to hide something. Unless they are physically fit and like to wear a diaper to be a baby again and want to get rid of stresses so you can allow them to wear a diaper. There is nothing bad if your kid wants to wear a diaper. Respect his request and allow him to wear a diaper. 

As a parent, you would love to do all those things that make your kids happy. So it is one of the easiest things that you can do to keep your kids happy. Buy them a diaper pack and allow them to wear it. While for infants it is better to consult a doctor before allowing them to use a diaper. 

The Transitional Phenomenon and the Transitional Object

This theory is actually what intercedes between the inner reality and the outside world. I bet you have ever heard your baby say it’s not me which is the perfect definition of transition object. 

The same theory is used by most children as a defense against anxiety. This is now what perfectly describes why your child will still want to turn things around and wear diapers again. 

This case is very normal in both boys and girls but more prevalent in boys. This shows that boys are more likely to want to wear diapers than girls. The fact is that all children of different ages still experience this phenomenon. 

Other reasons why your child wants to wear diapers

Children in Infancy

The above phenomenon usually happens to children in infancy. As I had already said, this phenomenon makes the baby fulfill some of the inner feelings. They usually use this as a way to combat their anxiety especially when parents don’t give them proper attention.

Such situations also occur in children going through adolescence which is why it’s very easy to find older children wanting to wear diapers. The diapers are the first possession which they perceive as a blanket or teddy bear.

Children find such objects to be very soft. What this means is that if you have noticed your baby suddenly wants to wear diapers, you shouldn’t be worried about it. 

Most parents may never know about this phenomenon but it’s well known by child psychologists. Many of them suggest parents should not take this situation lightly. One mistake that most parents make is paying little attention to their children. The phenomena of the Transitional Object are well documented and published which means parents can pay closer attention to it and attempt to understand it better. 

The good thing is that most learning institutions have started offering such classes which I get is the reason why many parents are learning the same. 

Lack of information and mistreatment

This phenomenon is not very unusual but most parents know little about it which translates to their harsh actions on children who start wearing diapers once again.

Never shun your child from this because it’s about the bond that exists between the mother, child, and adolescent. This bond is very crucial for healthy development. Never consider this as infantilism or regression. We have seen it and it has been there for a long time but if the child lacks the bond and security from parents, it will greatly affect his/her development. 

The baby doesn’t want to use diapers

An additional mistake that misinformed parents make is assuming that because the child wants to wear these diapers they want to use them. This is misguided because they only want a connection with that gentle feeling. That is actually what is most important because it reassures them of the presence of their mothers. 

I bet you have already seen babies running up and down with dry diapers. Have you ever wondered why? It’s because they are missing something they can get from the feeling. Children regardless of their age will become aware of that soft feel. It’s the mother that puts such gentle diapers on them and if they don’t get enough attention from her, the baby will run for the gentle feeling of dry diapers.

It’s a surprise to see your baby as old as 14 years trying to do the same. Don’t humiliate him or her because it can be more damaging especially on their mental health. The best thing is to keep this between you and the child. Afterward, try to solve the underlying issue. 

The fact is that there are many ignorant and uninformed parents out there who will never understand this or even make it a secret. Most age mates that are not experiencing the same will humiliate your son or daughter. Again this is a normal occurrence that the teachers and some older children know about. 

So why do children want to wear diapers suddenly

This sounds and seems hard to understand but I will elaborate it further. Many parents will call this childhood while others will refer to it as adolescence issues but a doctor’s paper I checked had a different explanation. 

Medical reasons

Children will wear diapers for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, maybe there are some medical conditions. Most of these children may hate diapers but they will have no other solution because they have a medical reason to do that. 

Diapers are soft and make someone feel good

Several other children will wear diapers because diapers are soft and make them feel comfortable. This is especially the case with boys who don’t get enough attention from their mothers. These people are known simply as diaper lovers. 

Life situations

Many children will as well try to wear diapers because they cannot define it clearly between their inner intuitive and natural. Maybe they have a physiological issue that makes them have difficult times clearing their anxiety. 

It’s a transitional Object

As I had already started, you have to understand that diapers are your baby’s transitional object. Some babies with the same issue will try to go for blankets or teddy bears but others choose a diaper because it’s soft and has a comforting feel. 

Now you understand why your child wants to wear diapers. I don’t see a reason for surprise and shock anymore. Just understand it’s normal and give your child more attention.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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