Pee-Ka-Poo Diaper Review

Pee-Ka-Poo Diaper Review

Although Pee-Ka-Poo diapers are a bit on the expensive side, the Pee-Ka-Poo diapers are high-quality diapers so far. The benefits it offers, it should be the parent’s first choice. Quality conscious parents would definitely love this product. These diapers are quite new in the market but will make their mark very soon. 

Parents are always looking for safe and clean options. They love to see their mattresses and furniture clean. They don’t want their kids to spoil their clothes and cars when they are out of the home. They don’t want to be irritated during parties. So the best thing to do is to use diapers and enjoy everything in life. In this article, you will find out the Pee-Ka-Poo diaper review. 

How the Pee-Ka-Poo diaper came into being?

Pee-Ka-Poo Diaper

The founders of this diaper have shared their personal experience being a parent. They want to develop a diaper to avoid leakage options. They want parents to stay calm and easy during the diaper changing periods. 

Founders have started research in 2015 to get the best diaper into the market. They visited lots of supermarkets and diaper manufacturing markets. Finally, they came to see a sample that was closest in shape to that they hoped for. They started working with the factory to get the exact shape they want to get. Founders were specific in their requirements and it took three versions to get the desired result. To check the success of a diaper they tested diapers on their kids, their friend’s and family’s kids. After two years, in 2018 they started to produce their own diapers and start selling in 2018. 

The Pros of Pee-Ka-Poo Diaper

These diapers are something special and different from the other diapers available in the market. To find a perfect diaper for their kids is challenging. 

  • The first 3rd generation diaper in Asia
  • This diaper has been credited for being the first 3rd generation diaper in Asia. They claimed on their website that most of the brands are selling 2nd generation diapers. These diapers are using Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) it was introduced way back in 1982. Disposable diapers came into being in the 1950s. No one has tried to take leakage and rashes problems into consideration. 

  • Good Absorbency
  • Diapers of this brand offer good absorbency. A Permasorp core used in their diapers can absorb liquid faster and it can easily hold more liquid. It will still be dry on the surface. 

  • Long-lasting
  • As it offers more absorbency, it will last the entire night. You can use this diaper for 12 hours. You would not have to wake up for any surprise. It is made from a material that offers good absorbing power. So the best choice for those parents who don’t want to frequently changed the diapers. Especially, during winter nights, you don’t want to disturb the sleep of your kids during a diaper change. So it is better to choose an option that can last for a night. 

  • No leakage issues
  • Another good thing about these diapers is there will be no leakage problems. Urine leakage from the diaper touches back the baby’s skin. There can be lots of skin rashes because of bacteria that breed from diapers to the baby’s skin. So these special diapers prevent diapers from leakage. These are designed so beautifully that there will be no leakage issues. 

  • Made from a natural fabric
  • One more thing that makes these diapers special is they prefer cotton over wood pulp. Cotton offers more absorbency. Cotton is more breathable. It will prevent rashes to develop on the baby’s skin. When babies move about the chances of the tear are less. 

  • Diapers are soft
  • Although lots of heavy-duty work is involved still these diapers are soft. These diapers are much softer than the other brands present in the market. 

  • Comfortable
  • Every parent wants to see their babies comfortable. They want their babies to enjoy a good sleep and don’t wake up due to wet diapers. They use thinner materials than other brands. That’s why their diaper is more comfortable than the others. 

  • Baby will enjoy sweet dreams
  • The best thing about these diapers is you will not be changing too often especially at night. So, your baby will sleep the whole night and will enjoy sweet dreams. What else, you want? You want perfect sleep for your baby. You will get that. 

  • A Sense of relief
  • Being a parent, you don’t want to wake up again and again for a diaper change. It offers good absorbency and long-lasting time. You can enjoy a good sleep. It will be a sense of relief for most of the parents. 

  • No rash issues
  • The biggest issue that most parents face is the rash problem. Most of the diapers result in rashes on the baby’s skin. It will not be the case with these diapers. These are made from special fabric and their good absorbency power will prevent urine from interacting with the baby’s skin. So you will not have to invest too much in rash creams and powders. 

    Cons of Pee-Ka-Poo Diaper

  • Price Factor
  • Some customers might not purchase this diaper because the price of these diapers is more than the other diapers. If you have to pick two from factors such as “fast, cheap, and quality” never compromise on quality. Quality products are always expensive. Products of this brand will be on the expensive side. For those parents who are quality conscious, it is an ideal diaper to pick. 

  • Lack of trust
  • This brand is new to the market. It will be difficult to gain the interest of people straightaway. Some people think this product is of low-quality because they are using thinner options. That’s not the case they are offering these because thinner materials are more comfortable and soft. 


    Being a new parent you will be dealing with lots of different and difficult situations. The toughest thing among all is to deal with pee problems. You would have to change the baby’s diaper multiple times during a night.

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