Sniper Wearing Diapers

Sniper Wearing Diapers

Snipers are renowned for their patience, but no one can stop a toilet break. 

Do snipers need diapers in their field of work? Kyle Hinchliffe, a former Vermont Army Guard sniper, said never. Snipers never needed diapers because they ate a low-fiber diet. It was more hygienic and practical to pee or poo in the field than wear your waste or diaper around.

Observation Post caught up with former Vermont Army Guard sniper Kyle Hinchliffe who said on the commonly asked question about sniper's bathroom habit:

It is the most common question! I hope not. I really hope not. I can confirm right now, I have never once pissed myself. It’s different times though, you know? Vietnam-era, things were a little different. Now, there’s not as much having to crawl on the ground for days on end without moving kind of a deal. So, no.

Snipers get low-fiber Meal Ready-To-Eat (MRE) packaging during their missions that lasts not more than 48 hours. The MRE packaging comes with toilet paper in it and plastic envelopes to take your waste with you and leaving no trace.

Did you know included among a snipers' kit are condoms to protect their weapon muzzle?

First Sgt. Kevin Sipes, a Texas native and experienced US Army sniper said

"There are a million things that go into being a sniper, and you have to be good at all of them." 

The most important aspect of the sniper is to remain undetected until taking a shot is required. Snipers use a mixture of natural and artificial materials to achieve concealment and camouflage to avoid enemy detection, as the sniper must remain unseen by the enemy to collect intelligence or take a shot if needed. Therefore, wearing a diaper or carrying your wet diaper around is not practical for a sniper.

Do snipers work alone?

Instead of alone, snipers move in a two-man team, with a shooter and a spotter. sometimes with a 3rd person as security. The spotter is capable of being a sniper as well so they can switch. If one of them needs to excrete, they're quick about it, and when they close up the little fox hole, one of them disposes of any waste (ration packages, shit, etc.) discretely.

What if a sniper really needs to pee or poo?

When you're a trained sniper soldier who is basically moving slowly the entire time, it doesn't take much energy to run your body. Blu64 said about his sniper friend

I had a friend who was a sniper in Vietnam. He said that they would sometimes just dig a little hole, role over it, shit, roll back, cover it up, and keep waiting.

What Are Cat holes?

The military adapted that idea when it comes to human waste disposal and created what is known, aptly, as "cat holes." According to field manuals, proper cat holes are 12-inches long, 12-inches wide, and 12-inches deep. These public urinals are constructed from large pipes that are halfway buried.

What Is a WAG Bag?

Well, if you have, that's exactly what it's like taking a dump in a WAG bag except this one has a bunch of biodegradable odor neutralizers inside.

Therefore joke and memes aside, sniper does not wear diapers. It will be a bad idea to have one during the war and bad for hygienic purposes. Diapers have many uses but not in a sniper during wartime. 

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