Toddler Refuses To Sit On Potty

Toddler Refuses To Sit On Potty

All the kids in the world are different. They are fickle. Some are fast and some take more time to learn. Some even refuse to learn. You have to go through every situation. Sometimes you may find it hard to train your toddler something new and helpful for them. We will share with you some reasons why a toddler refuses to sit on the potty and how you can make him potty train. Potty training is a scary time for a boy or girl. 

potty sitThe toddler has never experienced it before. It is an all-new thing for him. He has to come out of his comfort zone and learn to sit on a potty. The reasons for his rejections are the following.

  • Starting at a wrong time

Keep this in mind that there is no fixed time for a toddler to potty train. It does not go with his age. It is about his interest and willingness. If a toddler refuses to sit on a potty. There are chances that you have started at the wrong time. Look for the indications that show the right time to do his training to sit on a potty. If he is not willing to do so do not try to over-power him otherwise the whole thing will get spoiled. 


  • Fear to lose control

It is the final goal for a toddler. The more you insist, the more he resists. Some toddlers get terrified of falling in the potty. They are even frightened of the heavy noise the potty makes when you flush water. Some think that they might lose control while sitting on a potty.


  • Cognitive psychology

Some children are stubborn. They are resistant to potty training. They will do their own, come what may be. There are no proper tricks or strategies that can be worked on them. It is a completely different thing than other potty refusing reasons. 


  • Use of unsuitable equipment

If the toddler does not like the size or color of the potty. It may cause a serious resistance in potty training. The potty should be ideally suited for the toddler. It should be comfortable and should be according to the size. During the bowel moment, his feet should touch the ground.


  • Not prepare for a new experience

A toddler has a strong relationship with his diaper. It is like his security guard. It covers his private parts. It makes him relax. Suddenly become naked and exposed can be very scary. It brings a huge change for a toddler to wear pants or to sit on a potty.

  • Fear of accident

A toddler can be terrified at the feeling of an accident. This can make your child confuse. It can be distressing. It can lead him for the want of a diaper. He loses his courage to be without pants and cannot push himself to sit on a potty. 


  • Over-powering the child

This can be dangerous and can prove to be fatal. It is the major obstacle in potty training. Parents should not scold the child or get frustrated. Prepare the toddler for potty training.

  • Lack of preparation and discussion

The toddle has not been familiar with the potty training. You only know your plans and tasks but your child does not know what is going to happen. You have to tell him what will happen. You have to prepare him how it feels without a diaper. This discussion is the key to success. This is one of the reasons why a toddler refuses to sit on a potty. 


To cope with these situations you may try these simple steps.

Potty Sit

1-Keep your child naked

If you plan to potty train a boy, try keeping him naked in the home. When a toddler needs to vee he should go straight to the potty to pull his pants down can create confusion. So you can make him ready all the time. He may just go and sit on the potty. It will make him relax and comfortable. Keep things simple for your toddler.

2-Try to distract him

You can try to switch on the TV and move to their favorite channel while they are on the potty. If you make them sit for a long time watching cartoons they will finally vee there. It will make them relax and calm. They will eventually become friendly with the potty. 


3-Stick firmly to your toddler

Do not ask him to go alone to sit on a potty. A child may be scared or confused. You should drop your every assignment and just remain with your toddler. It will be easy for you to notice all the indication your child show that he is ready to poop.

4-Arrange rewards

Do not be afraid to arrange for gifts and packages for you boy. If he accomplishes a task well then reward him for his achievement. It will create in him a keenness and develop in him an urge to go and sit on a potty. Tiny chocolate or a Smarty can do it for you. This is the way things go. Try to get to the nature and behavior of the toddler. Apply schemes and make his task fun for him. Tell him occasionally that you are trying hard to make him potty train and how much you would love him if he sits on a potty.


Things to remember

Many children refuse to poop on a potty and ask for a diaper. Do not give up. If they do it on the floor still tell them that you are happy and reward them. Now collect the poop and put it in the potty and persuade the toddler to flush it down the toilet. Give an extra penny for it. In this way, they will come to know the importance of the potty. Refusing to sit on a potty is not a big issue. Your love, compassion, gifts, rewards, and care can turn this on. 


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