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Wearing Diaper for Bar Exam

Wearing diapers to a bar exam is not the worse idea, given how much you need to concentration on given that only 39.4% passed the exam based on the lowest passing rates across the states.

Did you know even Kim Kardashian has revealed she had adult diapers on hand to make it through taking the grueling 'baby barlaw exam, as she wasn't allowed to get up to pee?

Why wear diapers for the bar exam? Even Kim Kardashian openly admits wearing adult diapers given online bar exams do not allow testees to go to the restroom. The time could also be used to concentrate on your exam than figuring how to manage your waste into a bottle or bucket.

Managing the Online Bar Exam Without Diapers

The UK Bar Standards Board (BSB) first announced in May 2020 that bar students would sit their centralized assessments — civil litigation, criminal litigation, and professional ethics — using an online proctoring system or in a physical test center. The online bar exam required the laptop to be facing you throughout the exam or risked failing.

Sophie Lamb, an aspiring UK barrister, said she had to urinate in a bucket during the test. In an interview with The Sun, she said: “I had to put the bucket under the chair and I was wearing a long dress and had to squat down, but make sure my face was still on camera,” adding, “To be honest it was a bit ridiculous. The fact that this is an organization that is meant to be promoting our ethical standards, but also our welfare.” She ultimately wasn’t able to complete her exam — the program crashed.

The most famous was an aspiring barrister Tian Juin See who took a photo of how he dealt with the online test. It was definitely not pleasant and give many who are unaware of it a shock.

In fact, TheDailyBeast reported that the software used in such cases are biased too

The software, called Examplify, records test-takers remotely and uses artificial intelligence to flag any potential indications of cheating, such as moving too much or leaving the camera frame for too long. Disability rights advocates said this system would disadvantage students who need to move, fidget, or take medication during the exam. (Some even worried that taking insulin for their diabetes would result in a flag.) And students of color pointed out that such software often struggles to recognize non-white faces, putting some students at a disadvantage.

Therefore, if you do not want to do it on camera, the only viable solution is to use an adult diaper. While it might be odd for you, people do use adult diapers for a period too for its absorbent properties compared to ordinary panty liners.

Use of Diapers In Bar Exam From Socia Media Point of View 

Some people also asked about using diapers in the past and it was used because some jurisdictions and states disallow the use of the restroom in case of cheating too. While most people cuss at the idea of using diapers or affecting the rest with your odour, there were some meaningful commenters in Reddit

blonebarrister said "I’m totally fine with time on the MBE, probably fine on the MEE, but the MPT is a huge time crunch for me. I definitely think losing 5 minutes there could make a big difference.

That’s not to say you’re going to fail if you have to pee during it, but I certainly understand the stress."


halcyon_an_on said "While the above suggestion might seem crass, it really is the most insightful. Would it be more stressful to use a diaper in a silent room full of test takers, or take 15 minutes out of a 3 hour testing period to relieve yourself? I would personally choose the restroom break during the exam.

If you are concerned about the loss of time from going to the restroom, you could use the remainder of your bar prep to practice. During the next few timed practices you do, take a restroom break. It’s a lot like all the other test-taking strategies out there - familiarize yourself with the process so the day of the test isn’t totally new to you."


gryffon5147 said "If you really need to go, you'll have time to go to the bathroom. I finished MBE with like 15 mins to spare each session and got 310+.

If you'd like to test the adult diapers hypothesis, why don't you buy a pair, take a shit in them, and sit on em for the next three hours and see what the results are."


    Therefore, aspiring barrister do take note of the requirement and decide whether a diaper suit your needs.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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