What Do You Wish You Had Known About Cloth Diapering Before You Had Your Baby?

What Do You Wish You Had Known About Cloth Diapering Before You Had Your Baby?

As a new parent, there are lots of things that you want to know about cloth diapering before the birth of a baby. There are so many different brands, styles, detergents for washing, etc. you want to make your cloth diapering journey successful.

You want to be sure about everything associated with cloth diapers. So, in this article, you will find out the list that every parent wishes to know about cloth diapering before they had a baby. 

Cloth Diaper

Summary of what you need before you had a baby?

  • You need to have a couple of high-quality wet bags. 
  • A good detergent can be safe for washing and your baby’s skin. 
  • Try a few brands, and buy only a few diapers. No need to buy lots of diapers at the start. 
  • For budget-conscious, you can buy second-hand diapers. 
  • You need to have a rash spray. 
  • Another important thing is simplicity. Don’t overdo or complicate things. 

7 things that you wish you had known about cloth diapering before you had your baby

The list is too long, but we tried to compile a shortlist that every parent wishes to know before they had a baby. 

  • The opinion of other mamas using cloth diapers
  • Most people learn this by trial and error, and they don’t ask for the opinion of other mamas using cloth diapers. Cloth diapering is a learning process; you will have some good moments and some bad moments during this journey. So, before the birth of a baby, find some online cloth diapering groups. Seek their help and ask for their experience of cloth diapering. 

  • Velcro Doesn’t Last
  • When we started to stock diapers, we bought Velcro and diapers because they look simple and easy to use. Velcro seems good for daycare and daddies. But the problem with these diapers is longevity. Even you pay full attention and care; still, Velcro starts to lose sickness. When a baby starts crawling, it can easily get off. So, if you want simple and ease of use, then buy Velcro or Aplix, but if you want longevity, then stick with snaps. It can save you lots of investment. 

  • Detergents Play Key Role
  • In the cloth diapering journey, you can’t ignore even a single factor. Probably, detergent is the most important thing that can make your journey different. Cloth diapers contain human waste instead of dirt or dust, so you need to have an efficient detergent to wash them. Some detergents can result in irritation, repelling issues, chemical burns, and ammonia buildup. So, you need to find a detergent that is safe for your baby’s skin and your washing conditions. You need to buy detergent according to your washing machine. Some people love synthetic, and some love plant-based detergents. So, for making your diapering journey successful, you must know the right detergent for cloth diapers before you had a baby. 

  • Buy Used Diapers
  • It might look ridiculous, but it can be the right approach. When you are not sure which brand will be best and suitable for you and your baby, then buy second-hand diapers. No need to buy diapers in bulk just buys one or two diapers of each brand and sees how they work? If you are satisfied with any brand, then you can buy new diapers. For second-hand diapers, you can join different groups on Facebook. You can also sell your diapers there. Before purchasing second-hand diapers, be sure about the quality because everyone is not honest. 

  • Absorbency Factor
  • In a cloth diapering journey, you want diapers to be more absorbent. Usually, natural fibers are more absorbent. Some babies are heavy wetter, so you need diapers with high absorbency. When you had a baby, you will try different things. To avoid diaper leaks, it is better to choose diapers made of cotton, bamboo, and hemp. For a heavy wetter, you can try wool covers. Another thing that you must know about natural fibers is they will show more absorbency power after a few washes. So, a diaper made of organic cotton will take almost 8 washes to reach its maximum absorbency. 

    The disadvantage of natural fibers is they start to break over time. So, don’t be surprised if your cloth diaper starts falling apart after a few months. Sometimes diapers made of cotton start to fall apart after two to three years. So, it’s not a big deal. You get a reward for your money in these two years. 

  • Diaper Spray
  • A diaper spray can make your diaper cleaning process easy. You have to deal with human waste, so along with a diaper detergent, you need to have a diaper spray. A diaper spray can be a good choice when you want to remove solids from diapers. 

  • Start Simple and Start Small
  • Cloths diapering is never an easy journey. Flat diapers are easy and simple to clean, and probably inexpensive diapers. So, if you want to choose diapers that are easy while changing and provide you with every facility, that’s not possible. So, my recommendation for you is to choose pocket diapers. Everyone can afford these, and these diapers are suitable for any environment. 

    Cloth diapering isn’t for everyone, so start small. Don’t buy too many diapers before the birth of the baby. You might give up early. So, all your investment will be wasted. Some parents might not handle the workload, so they end up quitting cloth diapering. When you buy only a few diapers, it will not cost you much. So, it is the most important factor that parents must know about cloth diapers. 



    So, this article was about, what do you wish you had known about cloth diapering before you had your baby? So these are the 7 most important things that you must know before you had a baby. So don’t overdo and complicate things for you. By knowing these little things, you can make your diapering journey successful. 

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