What Is Elimination Communication?

What Is Elimination Communication?

Elimination communication (EC) is also known as infant potty training, diaper-free, and natural infant hygiene.

EC is a practice to teach kids potty cues and timing and help them know the potty position and where they should pee and poo.

It might sound strange, but in most countries, it doesn’t have a name because it is a norm. In industrialized countries, babies can be toilet independent or potty trained as early as six months.

However, in America, the average age is 3 years. In this article, we will discuss everything related to elimination communication that you need to know. 

What Is Elimination Communication?

EC is a norm and lifestyle, and it encourages natural toilet learning. However, baby elimination communication isn’t about potty train your kids as soon as possible. Sometimes, earlier potty learning can occur.

Moreover, EC never means that your child won’t use diapers. In simple words, it is independence and freedom from diapers. 

Benefits of Baby Elimination Communication

There are lots of amazing benefits to baby EC. Some of the main benefits are given below:

Encourages Deep Connection

As a parent, you want to build trust and a deep connection between your baby and yourself. Elimination communication is the best way to build trust and communication between children and parents. 

It’s Cleaner

EC ensures that the baby is cleaner because he won’t be sitting in his waste. A cleaner baby means fewer chances for diaper rash. 

Babies Feel More Comfortable

Diapers are bulky, especially when they become wet with poo. When kids are diaper-free, they feel more comfortable and relax. 

Use Fewer Diapers

When you start EC, it won’t be easy to straightaway get rid of diapers. However, you can use diapers part-time, and it will be great for your wallet and environment. 

Baby Gains Self-Esteem

Everybody wants self-esteem, including babies. When babies cry for help to potty and you pay attention to their request, they start to understand that you value them. You listen to them and fulfill their needs. Moreover, they gain self-esteem and feel more comfortable. So, EC can develop trust and build communication. 

EC Explains Unexplainable Behavior

Many babies become fussy, wake, pop off the breast, and feel trouble when sleep when they just have eliminated or need to eliminate. Moreover, they don’t like being wet. 

So, these are some of the significant benefits of baby elimination communication. 

How to Get Started With Elimination Communication?

You can practice baby EC in many ways. It would be ideal to get support from them because you would be going against the grain. Many parents start EC right from birth, and some start later, but they also have success. Some families do elimination communication part-time, and some prefer full time, and they do even in the night. It depends on which path works best for your family. Getting started is pretty simple. Follow the below-given steps. 

Start With Observation

Give your baby diaper-free time and make sure to use a waterproof mat. It would help to learn her cues. Remember, many babies need to eliminate right after waking and feed. You need to pay attention to the natural potty times of your baby. It can help your baby to recognize his own cues as well. 

Introduce Cues

When you feel your baby eliminating, introduce sounds like “piss” for a pee and “hmm” for poo. With time, babies will start to associate these sounds with letting go. For some babies, just the act of sitting on the potty will be enough as a cue. Moreover, you can learn baby sign language to train them. 

Try to Keep Potty Nearby

Many parents prefer to have a potty in each room. During elimination communication, there should be a potty nearby. When a baby shows signs of needing to eliminate, bring him to potty. 

Carry Baby in a Sling

For learning a baby’s potty rhythms, babywearing can be an excellent tool. When held close, many babies won’t eliminate, there you need to be alert and quiet when they don’t need to eliminate. They will show signs and become fussy when they want to be taken out of the sling. It is an indication they need to go. 

What You Need As a Parent for Practicing Baby Elimination Communication

You don’t need many things, and the most important thing you need is the place for baby to eliminate. A potty is a useful choice because of its size. For infants, you can use inserts, and babies can sit on their own, you can use the full potty. Most parents prefer to use a sink, toilet, and a small container. Other things that might help are:

  • Crotchless pants
  • Legwarmers
  • Infant nightgowns
  • Clothing that can be easily pulled off.
  • A tote bag for carrying the potty while traveling. 
  • A notebook for recording observations about cues and timings

No Need of Diapers Anymore?

Many people have this question in mind that after starting baby elimination communication is there no need to buy diapers? The answer is, it depends. If you are planning full-time baby EC, including night, you may not have to purchase diapers anymore. On the other hand, some parents use diapers as a back up when traveling and daycare. If you prefer to use diapers, it would be ideal to use cloth diapers because they wouldn’t wick wetness away as disposables do. Moreover, babies stay aware of when they have eliminated. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Baby Elimination Communication? 

  • Initially, you will have to give more time and dedication. 
  • When you are still learning, more messes are expected. 
  • You might feel isolated when you don’t know anyone in real that EC’s. 


Elimination communication is a good step for making your baby diaper-free and natural infant hygiene. It has lots of benefits. It has become a norm in many countries, and some are still unaware of its importance. It can be helpful and can save you a massive amount by cutting your diaper needs. 

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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