What Is The Nastiest Diaper You Have Ever Changed On Your Kid?

What Is The Nastiest Diaper You Have Ever Changed On Your Kid?

What is a nasty diaper?

A diaper full of urine and potty having an unpleasant and acrid smell is called a nasty diaper. A diaper becomes nasty if it is not changed for a long time. Baby waste is of many types.

nasty diaper

If he is a newborn baby then he will excrete a dark and sticky substance. If the baby is breastfeeding the poop will be yellow, seedy and runny. If the baby is powdered feeding then the stools will be tan colored and soft. When he starts eating solids the poop will become browner and smellier. The pee of the baby is like grown-up urine.

A lot of pee and poop will make the diaper nasty. Many moms do not have an idea that when to change the diaper of the baby. That is why sometimes the diaper leaks or becomes extra dirty. The use of a dirty diaper by the baby for a long time can cause diaper rash, yeast infection and other skin infections. 


The nastiest diaper I came across

 Everyone finds it disgusting to change a nasty diaper. The changing of a diaper of a baby sometimes becomes a memorable moment for a mother. This is the moment that can never be forgotten. The mothers enjoy this moment because if the diaper is nasty then changing the diaper will be a memory. These incidents are a part of every mother. These incidents solace you in the time you nostalgia. These incidents are a sweet sprinkle on the tough pie of life. 

 This time is one of the high points of your life. Whatever may be the color and smell of the poop you have to change the diaper because he is your baby. You have to use a mask or pin your nose before changing the diaper. I also came across a similar incident while changing a nasty diaper. 

diaper kids

One day, I with my family visited a playland. My child who is two years old was enjoying different games and rides. He was sitting on a moving bike when I noticed that his face was turning red and there were tear in his eyes. I went closer to him and took him up from the bike. I took him into the restroom. When I placed him on a marble slab, I saw that my shirt was full of yellow poop. I saw his trousers and socks were also wet. His diaper leaked.

I could not understand what to do but I took control of my senses. I took off his trousers and shirt. I cleaned the area under the diaper with wipes. I washed his complete body. I changed his clothes and ask him to stand beside me. The marble slab was also full of poop. I removed the stains from my shirt. I cleaned the entire marble slab and threw the nasty diaper in the bin. This was only because I was late in checking his diaper and changing it.


Tips to change a nasty diaper

While changing a nasty diaper try to follow these steps.

  • Never change these diapers near the food preparing area.
  • Use washable or disposable changing pads.
  • Make a permanent spot in your house to change the diaper.
  • You should have wipes, cream or ointment, and a fresh diaper.
  • Pack the wet clothes of a baby in the plastic bag so that they may do not contaminate other clothes.
  • When you are removing a nasty diaper be careful that it may not touch other surfaces with feces or urine.
  • Wash the child’s hand with warm water.
  • After cleaning the buttocks, slide a fresh diaper under the child.
  • If you are using a cloth diaper then wash them in hot water separately.
  • Do not place the diaper on the floor or any other surface. Directly put it into a plastic bag.
  • Wash your own hands for at least twenty seconds.


Disadvantages of a nasty diaper

A nasty diaper is very harmful to the sensitive skin of your baby. It has the following disadvantages.

  • Skin rashes can occur due to prolonged use of a nasty diaper.
  • When diaper leaks it can cause infection. The pee can cause skin infection in your baby. 
  • The warm and moist diaper helps the bacteria and fungi to grow.
  • Diapers contain toxic chemicals. If the delicate skin of the baby is exposed to these chemicals for a long period then it will lead to toxicity.


Precautionary measures for a nasty condition

You can avoid a nasty diaper by following these steps. 

  • The size of the diapers matters a lot. It should fit according to the body. 
  • It should not be fastened too loosely. 
  • Try directing the penis of the baby boy downwards. If it is pointing upward there are chances of leakage.
  • Make sure that the diaper is fitted below the stump.
  • Do not leave a nasty diaper to touch with your baby’s skin for a long time.
  • Check the wetness of the diaper from the stripes of the diaper.
  • The cuffs of the diaper should be pulled out.
  • Place a new diaper under the nasty diaper if you do not have a changing mat.
  • Attach the diaper tabs where the diaper markers are placed.
  • Roll the baby’s arm to keep the hands of the baby away from poop. This will prevent the breeding of bacteria.
  • Do study the statistics of the diapers company to select the size of the diaper.



The nasty conditions are not good for the health of your baby. The best possible way to avoid such conditions is to change the diaper often. These nasty diapers can cause many skin diseases. So, whenever you change the diaper apply ointment or any cream on your baby’s skin. After removing the diaper and cleaning the baby with wipe leave the baby naked for some time. This will help to relieve diaper rash.

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