Where To Buy Cheap Cloth Diapers Online

Where To Buy Cheap Cloth Diapers Online

If you’re buying new cloth diapers, the most cost-effective solution is usually flats and prefolds under a cover. 

Though they may seem intimidating, both flats and prefolds are very easy to use, especially if you fold the diaper and lay it into a tuckable cover. Flats are also a great overnight option. Some brands of pocket diapers are also priced low enough that you can get a full stash for around $100.

Besides Amazon, below we have a list of some lower-priced but good quality brands with links

Good value prefolds, flats, covers

Below is also a list of brands that Fluff Love did not like because their members report being very unsatisfied with them.

  • Gerber prefolds: These are more like burp cloths, and have very limited absorbency. Check out flour sack towels for more absorbency at a cheaper price.
  • Baby Land or Baby City pocket diapers: Common on eBay and Amazon, these are very inexpensive brands of pocket diapers. While they work for some people, a huge percentage of the diapers immediately delaminate (meaning the waterproof lining breaks, making the diaper unusable). 

An alternative to buying new cloth diapers is getting used cloth diapers or free diapers from organization meant for a low-income family.

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