Why Diapers Are So Comfortable

Why Diapers Are So Comfortable

Did you know Japan loved their diapers so much that they had an all-diaper fashion show on 25 September 2008?

Kaori Adachi (a pseudonym, 25 years old), an office lady who works for a real estate company in Tokyo, speaks proudly "I've been using disposable diapers for the last six months. I wear them normally, not as a substitute for sanitary napkins."

Why are diapers so comfortable to some? Diapers offer convenience for lazier people or people with incontinence and great diapers are designed for long-term usage by 1) using no fragrance or chemical that cause skin irriation, 2) keeping skin dry by absorbing moisture, 3) having soft texture that feel good, and 4) it provide emotional and psychological comfort to some people.

Diapers can be the last resort for many, based on occuptional therapist in Kansas City, Dr. Brandy Archie. Dr Archie works with patients every day to explore alternatives to managing incontinence, and understands the reluctance people have about wearing adult diapers.

Nevertheless, diapers can be comfortable for people and in fact had helped some with anxiety or stress to reduce their drugs usage. 

I wear diapers most days nights. I have recurring stress and spasms in my back (The result of a military injury) and suffer insomnia. I have to take muscle relaxers for my back that relax my bladder control as well as my back. I also take sleeping pills that knock me out. I really dislike pills so this is rare. Usually I suffer through it.

As I have gotten older, I noticed it seems I have to pee a lot more. When I was younger, I could drink a lot more and sleep through the night without waking to use the restroom. It is just too bothersome to wake just for one minute. Also I suffer from PTSD, and for some reason diaper wearing helps with the symptoms. With my Medical and Psychiatric Doctors’ supervision and advice, I have eliminated all but one of my Psych meds.

Jordan Floyd, former Retired/disabled at U.S. Army also said

"I have to wear a diaper at bedtime because of my weak bladder and I wear a diaper 24/7 on my weekends off because I have a tendency to wet myself while relaxing or taking a nap. Wearing diapers makes me feel safe and secure and when I first had to start wearing diapers I was embarrassed. But wearing a diaper is better than waking up in a wet bed or having a wetting accident while out in public"

In fact, feeling comfortable wearing diapers is not restricted to male. Kiran Nicole, a female said

"Well im that girl growing up as a female diaper lover until I had an accident… so now I'm a incontinent female that is 26 yrs old that is currently feeling my diaper get warm and full and there's nothing I can do about it to make it easier so I wear very cute diapers... About five or six inna day with one very absorbent one for overnight use"

Adrian Surley, a diaper lover, also said in her blog

There are numerous other reasons to wearing diapers that I feel many people cannot fully appreciate until they just put a diaper on. It is like describing what something taste like…you can describe a bunch of things related to it but there is nothing like tasting something in order to fully appreciate it.

In Japan, diapers gained popularity with Zubora "lazy" girls. 

Kiyoko Hamada of the Aging Lifestyle Research Center, a leading organizer of the show said "Diapers are something that people don't want to look at. But if you make them attractive, then people can learn about them more easily."

Aya Habuka said "It was great to see so many different types of diapers all in one showing. I learned a lot. This is the first time that diapers are being considered as fashion."

There are several reasons why diapers can be comfortable for some, as long as you changed it frequently.

The size of the adult diaper market in 2016 was $9.8 billion, an increase from $9.2 billion in 2015. Adult diaper sales in the United States were projected to rise 48 percent from 2015 to 2020, compared to 2.6 percent for baby diapers. 

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