Why Do Teenagers Wear Diapers?

Why Do Teenagers Wear Diapers?

  • Lack of bathroom and Bathroom breaks

You will be surprised to know that poultry workers in the US were forced to wear diapers due to a lack of toilets and bathroom breaks. This is not a surprise because most employers are today more focused on productivity and not employee welfare. In the same regard, teenagers can wear diapers when they suspect that they may not have bathroom breaks or when there are no bathrooms close by. This is actually the reason especially when you are traveling at night or when someone is traveling through the jungle where there are no bathrooms. 

It will make you confused when you will come to know that your teen is wearing a diaper. In such a situation you should remain calm. That will be good for your child otherwise you will insult him/her. There can be a lot of causes why your teenagers wear diapers? Few of these are given below;

  • Bedwetting
  • One of the main reasons behind wearing a diaper is maybe your teen has been bedwetting. He might be feeling embarrassed to talk to you about it. Teens mostly wear diapers when they have the issue of bladder control, especially during the night. There can be lots of reasons. Your teen might be suffering or dealing with depression or anxiety. 

    Talk to your teen about bedwetting in a polite way so that they don’t feel insulted. You can ask him if you are having any bathroom problems you can tell me so that we can find a solution for that. 

  • Paraphilic Infantilism
  • There can be a sexual disorder that your teen might be facing which is known as paraphilic infantilism. In this, a person will find himself sexually pleasing. When you come to know that your teen is wearing a diaper try to find out this disorder. People suffering from this disorder would like to be fed from a bottle, babbling like a baby, wet nursing, love to play with baby toys, and wearing diapers. 

    Until now, there is no research that can show any risk of this disorder. There will be a lot of teenagers facing this issue but will be living a normal day to day life. They might be doing their job well and building healthy relations. It seems to be an odd practice, but it can turn out to be harmful. 

    In some cases, there can be other disorders that can be associated with paraphilic infantilism, like anxiety and depression. It should be in your mind that teens suffering from paraphilic infantilism have few thoughts and attempts of suicides. 

    • Some teenagers enjoy how soft diapers are 

    This is another very funny reason why some teenagers will choose to wear diapers. In some cases, they do this because they are lacking something in the family. Let’s say a mother or a father’s love.  To fill the gap, a teenager starts wearing diapers because they are soothing and have a dry and a very soft touch. This happens in children of even up to 15 years. You may not realize this until you detect that the teenager wants to wear diapers not because they are wet but because they want that feeling on their butt. 

    • Subconscious compulsion

    Subconscious compulsion, something you cannot explain is what makes some teenagers wear diapers. This is an urge to wear diapers that most teenagers developed when they were very young. At this point in time, they cannot really give a satisfactory reason why they need diapers on. Most parents don’t understand this and that’s why they are going to take the whole idea of wearing diapers very negatively. 

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Anxiety and depression are also a big part of this issue. These are the main cause of bedwetting and paraphilic infantilism. Symptoms for anxiety and depression could be

    • Disorders in eating and sleeping
    • Low energy level
    • Lack of interest in normal activities
    • Feeling sad, worthless or sometimes helpless
    • Feels irritated

    There is a solution to almost every problem. You can help your teen in the following way. 

    Treatment for paraphilic infantilism

    Most of the teenagers suffering from this disorder would not need any treatment. It will not cause distress to them and would not result in impairment. For those teens that want treatment some option will be:


    • Use of antidepressants
    • Phenothiazine
    • Mood stabilizers
    • Antiandrogens

    Hypnosis and group therapy can also be done to resolve the problem of paraphilic infantilism in those teens who wear a diaper. 


    • Cognitive-behavioral therapy can be done
    • Orgasmic recondition can be performed
    • Psychotherapy is itself expressive supportive


    When you come to know that your teen is wetting bed you should take an appointment from a doctor and consult about this issue. More often than not reason for bedwetting will be a medical problem. This issue can be because of hormones, bladder control issue or genetic problems. So you should consult the relevant doctor as soon as possible and try to address this issue. If you want to deal with this problem by yourself you can do the following things. 

    Take care of your food before going to bed

    Teens that are facing the issue of bedwetting must take care of what they eat or drink before going to bed. You can control the bladder issue by reducing the amount of drinking liquid before going to sleep. Some foods can also disturb the bladder like soda, coffee, chocolate, and other carbonated drinks so you should avoid them if you have the issue of bedwetting. 

    Keep your mind positive

    When you will make a positive mind that you want to wake up dry in the morning. It will be very powerful and will help you wake up dry. When you wake up dry, this will provide you mental peace. 

    Set up alarm

    Enuresis in teens can be treated by setting an alarm. This is suggested by most of the doctors and nurses. This will help to cure almost 50-70 % of cases of bedwetting. When the bell of alarm rings and the bed is beginning to wet you can turn off the alarm and rush towards the restroom or bathroom. 

    If this trick does not go well for you, parents need to set up alarms and wake up your teen so that teens can go to the washroom multiple times in the night this will avoid bedwetting and teenagers will not feel guilty or shame. 

    Diapering Teenager

    Solutions for anxiety and depression

    If the reason for bedwetting is anxiety or depression, you should talk to your teen as soon as possible. Try to sort out the issue before it turns out to be even bigger. You can help to resolve this issue by doing some easy and helpful practices.

    • If your teen is anxious about something listen to him in a calm and polite manner
    • You should start praising his/her accomplishments
    • When your teen is under stress lower your expectations from him
    • You should follow the routine, but try to be a little bit flexible
    • Pay full attention to feeling’s of your teens
    • You can get support from some close friends and family members

    So if your child is facing the issue of anxiety or depression try to overcome this as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will become worse for both of you. These are some major reasons why teenagers tend to wear diapers. Find out the reason and then try to quickly sort out the problem. Build trust between your child and yourself. Otherwise, if it gets too late it can cause severe health issues. 

    Is it okay to want to wear a diaper? 

    It’s not a bad thing if you have an underlying issue with diapers being the only viable solution. I will not specifically answer this question yes or no because I don’t know your age and situation, but I will give you circumstances under which you are supposed to wear diapers. 

    Medical reasons

    If an older person considers wearing diapers, then there must be some underlying medical issues. I can assure you people will not treat you well after realizing you wear diapers but now the medical situation will force you to do so. Diapers are quite necessary for adults with the below health conditions: 

    • Incontinence-This condition is commonly known as involuntary urination. This is basically uncontrolled urination or urine leakages. Today, this condition is very common among older people and can be stressing if it takes a long time to be corrected. Teenagers with such issues have to undergo treatment to make sure the condition is handled in due time. Unless there’s a solution to this, such teenagers’ are forced to wear diapers as they travel and even when they are in school. 
    • Mobility impairment- teenagers with physical defects and poor manual dexterity have to wear diapers. They cannot be able to respond fast enough to calls of nature. If no one is there to take care of them, then they are likely to wet themselves. For this reason, they usually consider wearing adult diapers. 
    • Visual impairment- teenagers with visual impairment are as well required to wear diapers. Such people are mostly not in a position to respond fast enough to nature calls or even find a way to the restrooms. Unless someone is there to help them, the issue may get out of hand. 
    • Mental impairment-Teenagers with mental concerns may not be able to coordinate their body functions well. What this means is that they may end up wetting the bed or wetting themselves. This is the main reason why as a parent you might have to consider adult diapers.
    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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