27 Unexpected Uses Of Diaper Cream

27 Unexpected Uses Of Diaper Cream

There are 2 useful properties that provide alternative uses of diaper cream besides diaper rashes:

  1. The protective barrier in diaper cream that prevents diaper rash also helps in a mild rash and skin irritation
  2. The antimicrobial effects in zinc oxide, the active ingredient in most diaper rash ointment, help in removing odors caused by bacterias. Do note that not all rash ointments contain zinc oxide.

With these properties, what can diaper cream be used for? Outside of diaper change, we found many surprising uses of your leftover or expiring diaper creams.

  1. Protect Skin From Dryness in Winter - Diaper cream containing zinc or petroleum jelly creates a protective layer between the skin and the moisture. 
  2. Hair dye stains - Petroleum-based cream can prevent hair dye from staining your skin during dyeing at home due to the separation
  3. Heat rash - It may reduce redness and discomfort from your heat rash similar to diaper rash treatment
  4. Sunscreen - Make sure it contains zinc oxide and try in a small amount if you have sensitive skin to make sure you are not allergic to it.
  5. Chaffing - Barrier cream helps in hot summer months by reducing potential irritation in those sensitive areas by applying before sweating out. 
  6. Minor scrapes - Scrapes are bound to happen so apply a thin layer to protect future damage and infection.
  7. Bug bites - While it does not heal bites, diaper cream can relieve your skin from those pesky bites.
  8. Zit zapper - Tackle a clogged pore with a dot on the spot overnight may help.
  9. Chapped skins and lips - Many diaper cream will work for chapped cheeks. You can use diaper cream as a lip balm in an emergency. Do not use one with zinc oxide as it has low toxicity and can cause a laxative effect 
  10. Minor burns - May provide a layer of protection while healing.
  11. Eczema - You can temporarily relieve itching by applying diaper rash cream to tender skin.
  12. Razor burn - Reduce irritation from a razor burn due to a blunt blade
  13. Sunburn relief - May aide with redness and discomfort.
  14. Hemorrhoid Discomfort - If you’re experiencing hemorrhoid discomfort, remember that you can use your little one’s diaper rash ointment to help heal the sensitive skin and relieve pain.
  15. Moisturize Face, Hands, and Feet - Use a Petroleum Jelly-Based instead of zinc oxide. The ointment can be used as a moisturizer.
  16. Zinc Oxide for Cracked Heels - Cracked heels occur at least once in your life. Using a diaper rash with zinc oxide help to reduce it. Remember to wash your feet with warm water and soap before applying the diaper cream.
  17. Removes Makeup - A Petroleum Jelly-Based ointment can remove makeup. Apply it around your makeup areas, such as eyes, cheeks, or lips, and wipe it off for easy clearance!
  18. Prevents Messiness When Painting Nails (Petroleum Jelly-Based) - Similar to hair dye, you can paint your nails without any messiness by applying ointment around your nail cuticles, which can help avoid nail polish from brushing over your skin.
  19. Remove a Stuck Ring (Petroleum Jelly-Based) - As a lubricant, you can try to remove your ring when it is hard to take it off. Try applying ointment around your finger and slowly slide the ring off.
  20. Polish Shoes (Petroleum Jelly-Based) - Your shoes are looking dull, try polishing it with some ointment instead
  21. Make Shower Curtains Easy to Slide (Petroleum Jelly-Based) - Sometimes, your shower curtains just won’t slide over. That’s why you need to lubricate it! Use your ointment!
  22. DIY Lip Gloss (Petroleum Jelly-Based) - You can mix up your own lip gloss by scraping off some of your eye shadow or blush and mixing it with the ointment. Freeze the mixture to harden and use it for a nice night out
  23. Long-Lasting Perfume (Petroleum Jelly-Based) - Apply ointment to your skin for a long-lasting fragrance
  24. Crow’s Feet (Laughing Wrinkles) (Petroleum Jelly-Based) - Curious about ways to reduce wrinkles? Applying ointment is one way to consider
  25. Prevents Photo-aging with Zinc Oxide-Based ointment - Are you seeing signs of photo-aging or premature aging? Some theorists believe that the sunscreen effect of diaper cream can help.
  26. Underarm Odor for Zinc Oxide-Based ointment - The zinc oxide is really helpful in your underarms if you don't have deodorant. It can be used while you make a quick diaper change too.
  27. Foot Odor (Zinc Oxide-Based) - Athlete’s feet are common in the moist weather when you don't air the shoes. Similar to underarm odor, you apply some cream to remove the foot odor using the antimicrobial property


Do note that zinc oxide and the inactive ingredients in diaper rash cream are usually minimally toxic. Ingestion of a mouthful or less is expected to cause a mild laxative effect at worst. (Source: http://illinoispoisoncenter.org/)

Do check out other posts if you wish to know about using too much diaper cream and how to apply diaper cream.




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