Can You Use Too Much Diaper Cream?

Can You Use Too Much Diaper Cream?

As a parent, we want to be sure that diaper cream is safe for your baby. 

Don't worry, you won't overuse normal diaper cream if they don't contain strong steroids (hydrocortisone). Diaper cream merely acts as a barrier between irritated skin and urine or stool to let the skin heal. 

Dr. Priyanka Rao, a pediatrician at University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, said

  • Choose an oil-based formula as oil-based diaper creams stick to skin and won’t wipe off with diaper changes;
  • Ointments provide a layer of protection between the irritated skin and urine and stool. The barrier protection allows the skin to heal.

If you are still worried, some people only apply diaper cream during bedtime due to the prolonged exposure to moisture. You can also choose to apply every diaper change without issue.

You can apply diaper cream whenever needed. A diaper rash can be painful for babies. In the early days, you never know why your baby is crying. One of the main reasons for crying can be a diaper rash. So, the best treatment for a diaper rash is diaper cream. 

How To Heal And Avoid Diaper Rash?

There can be lots of ways that can help in healing and avoiding diaper rash. Let’s have a look at some of them. 

  • Let the diaper area dry before reapplying diaper
  • One of the most common mistakes that most of the parents make is that they don’t allow the diaper area to become dry. For preventing or healing diaper rash, you should let the area dry. After cleaning the diaper area, let it dry. Leave your baby for some time without a diaper. It will let the area become air dry. 

  • Apply diaper rash cream
  • Diaper rash cream can act as a healer and prevents the baby’s skin from further injury. Diaper rash cream creates an optimum environment in which the skin of the baby can easily heal. It prevents the direct contact of the baby’s skin with the diaper’s surface. Diaper rash cream can perform different functions, such as:

    • It forms a protective layer to reduce friction
    • It blocks or reduces wetness from the skin
    • Cream offers protection against enzymes that are present in feces
    • Soothe irritated skin and allow it to heal naturally. 

    You can apply diaper cream with each diaper change. Don’t forget to apply before bedtime because during this period the skin exposure to wetness is prolonged. You can apply as much diaper cream as needed so don’t worry about it. 

    How to Get Most Out Of Your Diaper Cream?

    Some diaper creams are expensive so you want to make sure that diaper cream lasts long. So, you have to do below-given things to get the most out of your diaper cream. 

    • For maximum job effectiveness, choose the right product. You can choose cream or ointment or as medicated by the doctor. 
    • It is recommended to use petroleum jelly as a moisture barrier. Apply jelly daily. If you feel, the skin needs treatment then use diaper cream. 
    • For quick results, you will have to apply too much cream at a time. However, when you feel you are getting good results and skin is fine now then you can reduce the quantity. 
    • Don’t overuse cream. Only a little amount will be sufficient to cover the tiny bum of the baby. 


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    Safety Considerations While Using Diaper Cream

    Most of the diaper creams are safe and are used by parents from all around the world. Still, there are some safety considerations to be aware of:

    • Don’t use baby powder along with diaper cream. The powder can become airborne and can travel to your child’s lungs. So it can never be good for your child. 
    • After applying diaper cream wash your hands with soap. When you apply diaper cream, your hands came in contact with bacteria. So, don’t rely on the baby wipes to kill bacteria. Sanitize your hands every time after applying diaper cream. 
    • Another important thing that should be remembered is you can use diaper cream around the vagina, but never use it inside. 
    • Many diaper creams contain potential allergens. So, it is important to read the label before applying diaper cream on the skin. 

    Should I use a Diaper Cream?

    It is a must-have baby item. You can prevent diaper rashes by using cloth diapers, applying diaper cream, and regular diaper breaks. The diaper area is continuously exposed to acidic waste. So when we left this area untreated it results in rashes. So, yes, you should use diaper cream to prevent and heal diaper rash. 

    When to Apply Diaper Cream?

    The best thing you can do is to apply diaper cream after every diaper change. If you feel it can be too much, then apply it twice a day, once in the morning and then before night. Don’t forget to apply diaper cream before bedtime. If you don’t want to apply cream after every diaper change, then have a look at the skin. If you feel redness or irritation, then immediately start applying diaper cream. Use diaper cream when:

    • Skin is red
    • In case of loose stools. Loose stools can be because of teething, diarrhea, or antibiotic medicines.
    • When your baby starts to take solid foods. 

    How to Choose Best Diaper Cream?

    When it comes to choosing products for baby care, choose a quality product and it should be non-toxic. Choose the best products because they will be in direct contact with the baby’s skin. Don’t forget whatever you apply on the baby’s skin is absorbed into their body. Some chemicals in diaper cream can worsen or backfire on you. Keep the following things in mind:

    • Use diaper creams instead of petroleum jelly. 
    • Use balms that contain soothing herbs like lavender. 
    • If you can’t afford diaper cream then use coconut oil for daily diaper changes. 


    Diaper cream is a must-have item, and it should be in your diaper caddy. Diaper cream can be used to heal and protect diaper rashes.

    Upon seeing rashes, you should start using diaper cream to relieve the pain from diaper rash.

    If you can’t afford diaper cream then you can use coconut oil or Vaseline for each diaper change. Be aware of the safety considerations while applying diaper cream.

    The best healing solution is to let the diaper area dry before applying cream or diaper. Diaper cream acts as a lubricant and protects from skin rashes. 

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