Are Diapers Better Than Using the Toilet [2023]

Are Diapers Better Than Using the Toilet [2023]

Diapers and toilets both have their pros and cons. It depends on the user that if he can spend money to save time then he may use diapers. On the other hand, if he cannot afford disposable diapers then toilets are available. Diapers are available for every age group.

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We will run through some key differences between diapers and using the toilet.

Toilets are cheaper than diapers

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Many parents cannot afford diapers. As an infant uses 4 to 5 diapers daily. The parents are interested in potty training their child as soon as possible. The use of disposable or cloth diapers both require money. So, many parents try to potty train their children at the age of six months. The grandmothers are of the view that a child should be potty trained as soon as possible. Toilets are a one-time investment. The only expense of the toilet is to clean it daily and that can be easily affordable. The use of diapers is very expensive.

Use of diapers for a long time can cause skin diseases

Diapers are made up of harsh chemical products. These chemicals can damage the sensitive skin of the baby. The wet diaper if not changed will cause rashes. Diapers are made up of synthetic materials so they can be toxic for your baby. The material used in diapers absorbs the baby’s urine. These materials will not allow the air to flow into the diaper. This will create optimum conditions for bacteria and other germs to breed. Most of the disposable diapers contain Dioxin. These are carcinogenic. Diapers also contain Sodium polyacrylate. When this powder gets wet it can stick to the baby’s skin and cause allergic reactions. Some disposable diapers contain heavy metals such as Tributyl Tin (TBT). TBT spreads through the skin. In this way, it can cause a hormone-like effect. This is why many parents are shifting towards the use of a toilet. The parents are becoming conscious about their children and making them potty train.

Disposable diapers are not eco-friendly

Many disposable diapers are non-environment-friendly. Disposable diapers contain plastics, urine, feces, and many hazardous products. It is a huge environmental danger. This waste from many houses is dumped into rivers and landfills annually. These diapers do not degrade well. The decomposition of diapers releases methane gas into the atmosphere. The increased concentration of this gas can be explosive and flammable. These diapers contain toxic chemicals such as toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene. These chemicals affect human health. Disposable diapers often contain dyes and dioxin. The toxin materials can accumulate in humans and animals. Now 100% biodegradable diapers are available.

Potty training is a difficult task

Potty training is not a simple job for parents. I also shared my challenge as my child refused to sit on potty. Parents use many signals and sound to teach their children. Some of the parents perform urination and defecation in front of their child to potty train him. As it is not an easy task so parents have shifted towards diapers. A child can spend more time in the diaper and feel comfortable.

The use of diapers at night, especially for infants, has increased its use. The sleeping hours of a baby have increased. The use of these ultra-absorbing diapers has lessened the use of toilets and people are going away from training their children for potty.

The use of Diapers is not a hard nut to crack

Disposable diapers have made life easy for both children and adults. It is because:

  • There is no use to wash. You just need a wipe to clean the area under the diaper.
  • Diapers are easy to wear. Now diaper pants are also available.
  • They can be changed easily.
  • Diapers are very compact. They can be taken anywhere.
  • There is no need to dry the diaper. It is a time-saving product.

It is a vague notion that diapers were invented for babies. It was an adult who invented diapers. He applied its use to manage nature’s call to use the toilet. Diapers are a type of underwear used by the wearer when he feels to go to the toilet. Diapers can be of cloth or any disposable material. These are mostly used by children who are not potty trained. These can be used by children who do not go to the toilet at night and can make the bed wet. Diapers can also be used by adults. Those old age people who are suffering from any disease or are in a wheelchair. There are many side effects of diapers if they are not removed in time. It can cause skin problems especially rushes around the area which is covered by a nappy. The disposable diapers can be used again after their capacity for absorbing waste is over. Whereas, cloth diaper is reusable. The cloth diaper is made up of natural fibers or synthetic fibers. Sometimes a cloth diaper is a combination of both natural and synthetic fibers. Now some disposable diapers contain mechanical fastening tape and adhesive to fasten the diaper.

Why do adults use diapers?

There are many reasons that adults prefer diapers to the toilet.

  • If a person is suffering from intestinal cystitis then he uses diapers instead of a toilet.
  • A mentally ill person cannot go to the toilet so he uses a diaper.
  • Women with incontinence due to childbirth or people with incontinence cannot go to the toilet so they use adult diapers. 
  • Some of the adults are diaper lovers and have a habit to use diapers.
  • In a disease called nocturnal enuresis, a person has to use diapers.
  • In an area where toilets are not available adult-use diapers to fulfill their need.
  • Going on long trips many people wear diapers so that they may feel comfortable to excrete their body waste.
  • Some bed-bound people or people in wheelchairs use diapers.
  • Some adults wear diapers due to psychological or emotional reasons. They think that their conditions will remain private and undetectable by others.

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