Can A Baby Diaper Fit An Adult? (With Answers)

Can A Baby Diaper Fit An Adult? (With Answers)

According to CDC, the average waist of a man over 20 years old is 40.5" (103cm), and the average waist of a woman over 20 years old is 38.7" (98cm). Based on some sharing in the forum, the largest Pampers (size 7) can fit a 34" (86cm) tightly so that is way below the average waist.

Unless a person is relatively small-sized, modifications such as baby extenders (for waists) are required for a baby diaper to fit a normal-sized adult. Pampers also said their biggest diaper won't fit an adult. Even if a baby diaper can fit an adult, do take note that it is not meant to hold enough volume before leaking.

If you have an average or above average belly or hips, you should use a regular-size adult diaper. It will be cheaper in the long run too than modifying the diapers. 

Below are some answers and reviews we found in Amazon Q&A regarding the various diapers:-

Question Answer
Can these (Pampers Size 7) fit adults?

Thank you for your question. No, Cruisers 360 will not fit an adult's body size, shape, or absorbency, as they are designed for toddlers. We'd be glad to answer any other questions if you'd like to give us a call at 1-800-726-7377.

The Pampers Team
By Community Manager of Manager on November 16, 2021


By Kelsey on November 8, 2021

No, I wouldn’t
By N. Adams on November 3, 2021

would these (Mama Bear Size 7) fit a 34-inch waist...?

These are for babies, not adults.

By R. P. Top Contributor: Baby on February 27, 2022

Can this (Mama Bear Size 7) be used for heavy menstrual cycles?

This item is intended to be used for a baby rather than an adult
By Edyta R. on June 14, 2020

No, this is a diaper for babies.

Julia S.… · June 13, 2020

I mean, I suppose you could but this is a baby diaper. You're better off using an actual menstrual pad. Always brand makes one that is for very heavy cycles.

B. Ferea · June 13, 2020

Review on Mama Bear Size 8

Great Diaper to wear when you're too small for adult Diapers
By Leonard Fauston November 3, 2019

Great diaper to wear when you are too small to wear adult diapers. adult diapers are way too big I just wish you would make a size 8 so I won't have to alter them to fit. I wish they were a little softer and a little more stretcher in the back the tabs are very strong and well built, baby prints would be nice instead of Plain white. I wear this Product 24/7 due to health problems and there a Very big help for my needs PLEASE if you Reading this think about Making a Size 8 that will fit up to a 32"=81cm waist. that would be a very big help. I will return for more. thank you.

item (Pampers Cruisers) can use for my mom?  If she’s small don’t know why you couldn’t…you could just try it. they’re expensive but probably cheaper than adult size. Good luck,

 What is the Biggest Diaper?

Below are the biggest diapers from different brands.

Brand Biggest Size Fitting

Cruisers or Cruisers 360 Size 7

41 lbs (18.9kg), 360° stretchy waistband


Little Mover Size 7

41 lbs (18.9kg), SnugFit Waistband & Double Grip Strips

Mama Bear

Gentle Touch Size 7

41 lbs (18.9kg), Just Right Fit

As you can see from our table, all brands used standard sizing but they do not mention the waist size (not sure why they don't specify). The weight or age guideline is useless as most adults are beyond the weight of a toddler. They all claimed their diapers have stretchy waistbands with leak guards to fit all sizes.

As everyone has a different body shape where our fats are located, it is difficult to assess whether a baby diaper fits an adult. Some with smaller build claimed baby diaper fits them just fine, but most people with the average build cannot fit into one.  If you can fit one, you can also read our post on whether you can use a diaper for your period.  For those who care about the environment, you can also read our post on how long it takes to decompose a diaper.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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