How To Tell If Diaper Is Too Big

How To Tell If Diaper Is Too Big

Diaper sagging

We will mention now a few things that may provide a hint as to whether you are using a diaper that is too big or small. Let’s go over them one by one.

  1. Blowouts.

If you find yourself cleaning a lot of blowouts this could be a sign that your diaper is too big. If you’ve never had the pleasure we will define a blowout for you. A blowout is what happens when a diaper stops holding its contents and unloads them everywhere it can. That will include your baby’s back and clothes, but also anyone who may be holding the child and pretty much anything else within range. You should try to avoid them when possible.

  1. Red markings.

This is not a sign of a diaper being too big but too small. You will probably have some hardship when trying to put it on, but a decisive sign of a diaper being too small is that it will leave red marks on your baby’s skin. Those will be different from rashes, you will be able to tell the difference right away. If you see them you need to go up a size for your baby’s diapers immediately. 

  1. Diaper sags too low.

Diapers can sag low at times. That will happen if they are almost full or if you didn’t put them on correctly. They may even start to sag out of regular usage if your baby is moving around a lot. All of those are normal. What you should check for is to see if the diaper is sagging constantly and too low without being full.

  1. Too wide on the waist. 

If there is free space between your baby’s waist and the diaper you may have a problem. You should make sure that you bridge that gap when you put the diaper on. If you cannot do it it means that the diaper is too big for your baby.

  1. Leg openings are too big.

This is another good sign of a diaper that is too big for your baby. The leg openings should leave room for the legs to move freely, but they should contain anything that might come out of your baby in that area. If you see that this is not a good fit you must ensure that you try a smaller size diaper.

Diapers are a powerful thing. They make parents lives a lot better than it could be during the first months of their newborn. Such a powerful tool does not come without a price. We pay a lot for diapers, and not just in money. Diapers can be a toll on the environment and our pockets. That is why we should make sure that they are put to use well. Every diaper counts. Of course, there is the concern of keeping your baby comfortable as well. Let’s go over a few details to keep in mind when checking your baby’s diaper. To ensure that we can offer the child as much comfort as possible.

Diapers come in all shapes and sizes today. It is great to see such available supply in this market. Things are this way because parents value a lot a good diaper. You can find a lot of brands, a great price range and all sorts of features to choose from. When you make the decision to go with a specific kind of diaper you should keep in mind a few things.

Shapes and sizes

diaper sizes

The first one should be that, even though your baby may have the age recommended on the label, that particular diaper may not fit them well. We’ll give you a few reasons why that could be the case.

  1. Diaper shape. 

The basic shape of a diaper is quite common, but every brand is slightly different. Some of them even offer a completely different shape than that of regular diapers. This will have an impact on the way the diaper fits your baby’s body. Keep that detail in mind.

A good idea is to try a diaper of the brand before committing to a full package. You can often find small sample packages, you might even borrow one from another parent.

Baby Body
  1. Baby’s body. 

We are all different. Our bodies have slightly different shapes. That is the case from the moment we are born. This means that your baby’s body will not be the same as other babies. This is normal, of course. Even if two babies weigh the same and have the same age some of their proportions will be different. That could mean that the same diaper may fit one of them and not the other.

Diaper quality

Shape and size are not the only factors that will come into play here. Quality is an important aspect as well. You will often find that diapers of lesser quality will not hold their original shape for very long. Right after you are done putting them on your baby they will start to transform into something else. You have no way of telling that this will happen until you use one of them. It will have an impact on the way in which they fit your baby, though. If you find that the brand of your choosing is behaving like this you may want to consider changing it for a different one.

One should not be worried about switching diaper brands. Your baby will not suffer for it and both your child and you will benefit once you find a brand that suits all of your needs. You will only achieve that if you shop around. Avoid sticking with the first brand that is recommended to you or that you have access to. If you can try out a few different options you will find the best fit.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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